Week #2 – May 14th – B week

Maple Syrup in the house! Our annual maple syrup share distribution was this week. (Just in time too because we were on our last few drops of syrup from last season) It was a bit overcast, with some sprinkles of rain, but we had another smashing distribution. Great to see all of our B-weekers, the world’s cutest (and smallest) dog, and of course, our Circle C Maple farmers. It was an action packed week with us distributing 4 things: Greig Farm share, Feather Ridge Farm Egg share, Northwind Farm Meat share, & Feather Ridge Chicken share.

Circle C Maple Syrup Share

Joe & Cathy brought down this year’s harvest of local maple syrup. Members picked up their gallons, half gallons, quarts, pints, and half pints–a size for every household. Circle C passed out tasty samples so that everyone could get a taste of that rich local sap. Have no fear, we bought up all the extras so we will have syrup for sale…

  • Members picked up their orders. Those who didn’t pick up, please plan to swing by next week and get your order.

Greig Farm Share — Week 2 of 24

  • 1 pound of  asparagus

Feather Ridge Farm Egg Share — Week 2 of 24

  • 1 dozen farm fresh eggs

Feather Ridge Farm Chicken Share — Week 1B of 12

  • 1 fresh chicken

Typically the chickens from Feather Ridge will arrive fresh. (However there are times, due to the realities of a day on the farm, where the chickens will be frozen) If you do not plan to cook them by Tuesday, you should freeze them immediately.

Northwind Farm Meat Share — Week 2 of 24

  • Chicken Drumsticks
  • Pork Chops
  • Lamb Shanks
  • Filet Steaks

This week volunteers helped rock it out, as we got more into the swing of things. Week 2 and we are rolling strong!  Another delicious distribution, complete with a decadent supply of Little Mexico tacos and burritos.

(Even the littlest guy wants in on that taco action!!)

Norm brought us a sweet treat, the first strawberries of this year’s season. He walked all of his strawberry fields and gathered about half a quart of berries. He had hoped to pick 75 — one for each “Berry” share 😉 but there weren’t enough.

Who knows, we may be seeing berries in next week’s share.

And great news — we bought up a serious stash of maple syrup and Circle C’s latest product, sugar. Swing by the info desk and buy some during any distribution.


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