Member Diary #2- 801 Driggs

We split the full monty deluxe and an extra dozen eggs between two households.

Last week, our share included eggs and asparagus. Early in the season, the size of
the share is on the smaller side – i.e., enough asparagus for two adults to eat as a
side at 2 or 3 meals.

In addition to lots of delicious fresh eggs for breakfast over the past few weeks,
we’ve been experimenting with a few ways to prepare asparagus.

Based on a recipe on, (
ribboned-asparagus-salad-with-lemon/), we made a raw asparagus salad with
parmesan and lemon juice – a really nice way to enjoy such fresh, sweet asparagus.
Later in the week, we roasted the rest of it with olive oil.

We’re hoping for more asparagus in the coming weeks, to make things like this:

and this:

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