Member Diary #3A: Jessica M.

Hi!  My name is Jessica and my boyfriend Jack & I chose the Berry Monte share with Southside CSA.  This is our first try with any CSA, ever.  We are pretty excited because our list of favorite things to do includes: Go to metal shows, be really loud, drink beer, and cook really good food with our friends.  My boyfriend is doing the whole Paleo thing right now (aka “the caveman diet”) so we were excited to get our veggie/egg/berries in surplus this summer.

When we went to pickup on Monday the 21st, it was a rainy evening; so all distribution was moved indoors.  But that didn’t mean we weren’t absolutely stoked – Strawberries!  The first of the season!

Everyone got a pint, which was awesome!

This was also the third week we picked up eggs.  Jack and I have been nailing it on eating all 12 each week, so I’m glad we chose the weekly pickup.  The yolks are super yellowy-gold and all around delicious.  We both agree they are worth every penny.

Also, Greig farms had ½ pound of asparagus for us to grab.

Finally for all you lucky maple syrup buyers out there, the maple syrup was in full supply:

On Tuesday night we invited our friend Will over for a full-on local farms food-fest.  The boys want me to let you know the music accompaniment for this evenings dinner was “Herder”, a band from the Netherlands.

As you can see they are a little shy in showing how excited they are.

For dinner we went the simple route:  Coat everything in olive oil, salt and pepper and toss on the grill.

I had some mixed lettuce growing in my garden so I cut that up for a side salad too.  We also had some great local-farm chicken and Jack’s own home-brewed summer wheat beer!

The real chef of the night:

For dessert there was of course, strawberries.  This is one of the few times I won’t complain that Jack is doing the whole “caveman diet” thing.

Another satisfied customer.

-Jess & Jack

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