Membery Diary: Lara’s July 16th share

July 16th distribution,
Tonight I arrived late from work and had a huge box of fresh veggies waiting for me at the Woods, which i promptly took home and turned into a cold salad with beans to last for the week.
So, although I don’t know the exact amount of what I got, for a single person, it’s plenty for the week.
I get a full veggie share every week, and a dozen eggs every other week (which is a half share of eggs). In the summer, I rarely need to grocery shop.
There are some months as a freelancer when I have all the time in the world for cooking every night, and holding dinner parties, but this is not one of them. I’m sure lots of Brooklyners can relate.
As a freelance lighting technician on movies, I work on all kinds of shoots with great food, to not so great food, to no food at all. This particular job is loads of fun, but there is no catering. So I whipped up a few great dishes, doubled the recipes and have been throwing healthy size portions in tupperware before work every day this week.
Here was my super simple recipe for last week’s work meals:
A can of black beans, red beans, chick peas, lentils, a chopped red onion, juice from a lime, Brooklyn Salsa company’s Curry salsa
from the CSA: Chopped hot peppers, cilantro, a sweet onion, and all the other greens (not chopped, but washed and ripped into bite size leaves)
I mixed it all together in a huge bowl, added some sea salt and tossed it in the fridge.
Here are a few photos of the veggies, the cans of beans and salsa i used, the bowl of chopped goodness, and enjoying it late at night at work for a great dinner! – We were actually shooting 2 blocks from the Woods Bar, where the Southside CSA is distributed.

That was great for 4 days.
After that, it got a little mushy, so I warmed it up with my fresh CSA eggs in the morning, with half an avocado (try lime juice, salt, rice vinegar & sesame oil on top) & Juice from the beats and carrots before work.
For juicing, I used the beets and carrots from the share, added green apples, and squeezed lime juice over it.
2 beats, half an apple and a small bunch of carrots fills a pint glass.
A favorite recipe is from the New Vegan cookbook:
Crisp Tortilla Stacks with Roasted Corn and Black Beans.
It’s like a pico de gallo with beans, on top of tortillas, and it’s AMAZING.
I also added a sesame watercress dressing, for a little extra kick.
Here are two photos of the dish and recipe.

See you Monday!
xoxo Lara Sfire

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