Member Diary: Chris and Jenna’s July 23rd Share

Beets, squash, and leeks, oh my.

Don’t forget lettuce, potatoes, radish, carrots, papalo, plums, and eggs. This week’s CSA offerings were quite beautiful.

After the two of us got our Fully Monty share home, we packed everything up in mesh bags in the crisper, a process that seems to keep everything fresher and drier longer, especially the greens.

We attacked the beets first.

We cubed, then boiled them in some water for 10 minutes or so.

After they cooled, we tossed the beets in a bit of vinegar and lime juice along with some chopped raw red onions, some leftover raw kohlrabi from the previous week’s share, and some cooked green lentils. The result was refreshing.

After cooking the beets, we were left with a pan full of bright red beet juice. In the coming week, we’ll shred some carrots into the broth for a crunchy summer borscht.

Next, we moved on to the leeks, chopping some up:

We sautéed them with some onions to make a risotto (along with help from our friends rice, cheese, wine, and chicken broth).

We sautéed a few of the radishes, plus some leftover kohlrabi, too, and added those to the finished risotto for some extra vegetable action.

We dressed up the risotto with soft-boiled eggs and leftover roasted chicken (from the Meat Hook, not the CSA) for a warm, filling meal.

We’re omnivores, but love eggs, and eat them soft-boiled with dinner all the time.

For the summer squash and potatoes, we tried out  Smitten Kitchen’s summer torte recipe

Here are the potatoes, lookin’ fine.

The torte was filling, and, thanks to the squash, a touch lighter than an all-potato torte.

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