Member Diary- Estefania’s August 6th Share

Three of us split one full veggie share, one berry share, one orchard share, and eggs.  My husband and I have one half of all the above and our friend Nia has the other half.  We alternate weeks when it comes to the eggs, but basically everything else is split down the middle.

This week we had: a leek, pepper, potatoes, tomatillos, cilantro, jalapenos, red onions, peaches, and blackberries.

We work full time and some weeks are busier than others.  This one happened to be one of the busier ones.  So though we try to eat as many of our meals at home and pack lunches/ bring leftovers to work, this week we dined out at least once and purchased lunch a few times.  As of Sunday evening, we have a few things left from the CSA that we plan to throw into dinner tonight – a leek and some potatoes that we will roast with rosemary.

Monday evening we sorted through our share, washed it and put it in the fridge.  Some of the berries we froze in ziploc bags and added to the stack of frozen fruit for the upcoming autumn and winter months.  During the week, the blackberries and fruit are out in a bowl in our kitchen, which encourages us to eat them every time we see them.  I will eat them for breakfast with greek yogurt, walnuts and granola.  Whatever was left at the end of the week that we had not eaten or frozen, I made into a super easy blackberry jam.  You just boil the berries with the juice of a lemon and some brown sugar until it turns into it starts to liquify and bubble, ladle it into a glass jar you have sterilized with some boiling water, and voila, you have a jar of jam that keeps for a while.  It is delicious over greek yogurt, ice cream, or just with toast for breakfast.

The rest of the week, we made two dinners out of our share (plus tonight’s dinner, which is not pictured).  One night we had rice, beans, swiss chard (this week’s share), chicken sausage, red cabbage (from prior week), corn (prior week) and a salsa. For the salsa, we used tomatillos,  one red onion, jalapeno and the green pepper, and cilantro from a previous week, all from the share.  There were enough leftovers for the two of us to bring lunch to work the next day.

Another dinner was spinach linguini with eggplant (this week’s share), tuna and tomatoes tossed with olive oil and basil (from a previous week.) There were enough leftovers for one person to have lunch the following day.

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