Member Diary: Berry Monty’s November 19th Share

Hi readers!
Our household loves kale and sweet potatoes. For the last delivery of the season, we decided to have a super duper kale-fest. Below are a few of our favorite recipes, including two with kale. They are very quick and easy and best of all, healthy! Enjoy.

Tonight (and most nights really) we sauteed kale and served it with roasted sweet potatoes and brown rice. You can serve this meal with braggs, tahini or any other kind of sauce that you happen like.

Roast whole sweet potatoes with the skin on
Take them out of the oven, cut in half
Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle wtih sea salt
Serve over black quinoa.

This meal is very simple but the flavors are just right!!

Discard kale stems
Rinse & chop leaves, and put in a big bowl
add olive oil and sea salt
massage leaves with your hands a few minutes
add finely sliced apples and julianned radished
add apple cider vinegar to taste
add fresh lemon juice to taste
sprinkle with nuts and seeds. (we like pistachios! and recently tried a flax-see nut mix)

Member Diary: Caroline’s November 12th Share


Brussel sprouts are my absolute favorite vegetable and I was overjoyed
when I saw that they had finally been included in my very last
vegetable share. I found a recipe for sprouts, pancetta and shallots
braised with balsamic vinaigrette a few years ago and I make it so
often (like, every single night) that my boyfriend has had to hold an
intervention for me. I invented an even easier version that comes
together with approximately zero effort in just a few minutes.
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Member Diary: Wesley’s October 28th Share

About a year now, my girlfriend showed me the website for the Southside CSA. Buying and eating local was something that always interested us, but it was sometimes so hard with our fast paced lives here in New York. We thought this may be the best way to do this, and we were definitely pleasantly surprised.

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Member Diary: 369 Studio’s October 28th Share

Hello CSA friends,
With all the pumpkins we received this last season, we thought to share our latest healthy pumpkin pie recipe.  Also,  we made some great popcorn from the dried cobs using a mixture of coconut oil and butter.  This was another first for us; much like figuring out what to do with the kohlrabi and other vegetables that we had not encountered nor cooked before.
Below the recipe are photos of the finished pie and this week’s favorite CSA gems.
Hope you Enjoy!

369 Studios: Gisel, Nelson and Horacio

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Member Diary: Kline’s October 15th Share


Our share name is KLINE and we are Katie Kline and Brett Scieszka. This is our third year as members of the Southside CSA! We have a veggie, egg, and berry share. I am a graduate student in visual arts at Columbia and Brett is a bartender at Vinegar Hill House ( Unfortunately our current schedules this fall have not allowed us to pick up every week any more so we are now dividing our share in half with a friend, Beryl. Even at that rate – we still have enough food to fill most meals – heck look at that squash!
For 10/15 we received the following:
1 bunch collard greens
1 bunch kale
1 generous bunch cilantro
1 GIANT long island squash (I don’t remember the exact name)
12 apples
1 dozen eggs
2 tomatoes
6 jalapenos
1 bunch radish