Member Diary: Darling House Reflects on the CSA Season

In honor of this year’s final Southside distribution, the Darling House share would like to reflect on a few of the ways this food has integrated into our lives. Some background and habits: we are a household of 4 to 5 room mates that buys most of our groceries communally. There is a whiteboard in the kitchen that we use to track our purchases, as well as the week’s haul from the CSA. We cook a large dinner together 1 to 2 times a week, and about half the share goes into communal meals. Potatoes, onions, apples, died corn and squash go into hanging baskets in our kitchen, and the rest is stored in our fridge, which is always being cleaned out and re-arranged. Those more inclined to biking usually pick up the share in a backpack on their way home from work, and then they’re able to opt out of the volunteer shifts if they want.

Winters Coming…

Have  you signed up for  your share of local veg?


tomsThe dark days of Winter are almost here with their long nights filled with warm soups. Stoke out your winter cooking with the sweetness of the bountiful Hudson Valley harvest. Buy a Winter Share with the Southside CSA and support this really cool project – Winter Sun Farms.

Our winter share is not made up of the produce you will find at the markets through out the Winter. You will have to go to McCarren Park to get your apples and potatoes. In contrast, our share is made up of things like sweet corn & heirloom tomatoes frozen and canned at their height of sweetness. They arrived packaged — either frozen or canned — with the name of the Hudson Valley farm where the produce was grown and harvested. For more information about the sustainable mission, the participating farms, and the produce check out the blog post from our first year- “Winter Share”.blueberries


$165 for 5 months of produce

$28.75 for 5 months of eggs.  1 dozen per share.

Volunteer: 1 shift per share family. There is a variety of shifts available, ranging from manning distribution, writing blog posts, driving leftovers to the soup kitchen, to helping host a potluck at our Beer Share distributions.

Distribution dates: Tues Dec 18, Jan 8, Feb 12, Mar 12, & Apr 16th

Location & Time: 630-830pm @ 140 Metropolitan Ave (Loftspace @ Metro/Berry next to Nitehawk Theatre)

pic by kristen + brian @ flickr.comWhat is in a Winter Share? A share typically consists of 7 items. 6 of these items tend to be frozen or canned; 1 item is a bag of fresh micro-greens. There are 5 monthly distributions — Dec, Jan, Feb, March & April. Each month the share items vary, rotating between the various crops frozen from the farms of NY. Each package comes labeled with the name of the fruit or vegetable & name of the farm. Things that will fill your share: heirloom tomatoes, mixes of diced red, green, & yellow peppers, whole raspberries, whole blueberries, whole blackberries,  broccoli florets, cauliflower, sweet corn, green beans, butternut squash puree, fall greens mix & edamame to name a few.

To sign up, email today. Deadline is 12/16. (There will be sign up event at our Beer Share Distribution & Potluck)