VLAD Member Diary – Week #20

pic by mark yearsley

VLAD’s CSA share of veggies and meat is split between Jenny, Laura Jo , Jordan, and Marc. Laura and Jordan lived together and split one half and Jenny & Marc split the other.

pic by Mark Yearsley

share2 - pic by mark yearsley

For the week of September 9th, the CSA haul was tomatillos, swiss chard, green peppers, eggplant, mini purple eggplant, habanero peppers, tomatoes, zucchini,  and lemongrass. The meat was a bone-in pork loin, a top sirloin steak, and a chicken.

share3 - pic by mark yearsley

The family member who picks up the share changes from week to week – we generally like to have two people go. When we can, we bike from the Clinton Hill area. For a month or two on and off in the summer our family would get together on the pickup Monday and cook a meal right then. Tacos were popular as those early months were characterized by steady stream of sausage, chorizo, and ground pork. On Mondays after dividing up the spoils, Laura likes to wash her veggies and put them in Tupperware until she’s ready for them. Marc does the same (usually). Laura and Jordan are big into salsa. Roasted veggies are a mainstay. With the meat share there has been a steady supply of whole chickens, so the roasted chicken and veggies has been a simple and consistent meal.

We had our cook at a friends apartment in Fort Green with a great open kitchen and large table. Four extra people were along for the ride, but we had plenty of food.

Laura roasted the habanero peppers and tomatillos with hot peppers in the oven and then blended them before mixing them into an avocado and cilantro mash.

tomatillo1 - pic by mark yearsley

mash1 - pic by mark yearsley

We threw both the purple mini and full-size eggplant into the oven to roast.

eggplant1- pic by mark yearsley

While roasting, we prepared the eggplant topping of tomatoes, mint, capers, red onions and ricotta.

eggplant2 - pic by mark yearsley

Jenny gave the swiss chard a quick sauté with oil and garlic for us to snack on.

chard1-pic by mark yearsley

chard2- pic by mark yearsley

Jordan had taken care of the sirloin and a London Broil from an earlier share for our meat.

steak1- pic by mark yearsley

He rubbed them both with salt and pepper, olive oil, rosemary and thyme.

steak2-pic by mark yearsley

Using a cast-iron skillet, he seared the steaks on both sides for about 3-4 minutes then finished them in the oven.

steak3-pic by mark yearsley

steak4-pic by mark yearsley

The final dinner item was a kale salad with onion and corn in a mustard, olive oil, vinegar and honey dressing.

salad1-pic by mark yearsley

We finished the amazing meal with a mixed berry pie baked by Laura!

pie1-pic by mark yearsley

pie2-pic by mark yearsley

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