Japanese Beef Curry with Winter Share Veg

Want to eat local this Winter? Still time to sign up for vegetables and fruits frozen at the height of their Summer sweetness that will brighten any Winter dinner !

Beef & Veg Curry by Yolim
Beef & Veg Curry by Yolim

One of our fave Winter meals is a delicious bowl of steaming curry served over rice or polenta or noodles. We love all the curries created around the world, rotating between an assortment of pre-made rouxs, sometimes going for a Thai, a Malaysian, or Indian base. Yolim loves a thick Japanese curry with his beef and when it is his turn to cook tends to bust out the Golden Curry. For an interesting discussion on Japanese curry roux mixes, check out this blog post on Serious Eats  – Taste Test  Confession — I can’t live without my fresh curry bases bought in chinatown from the little thai grocer located by Columbus Park, but after having just read “Cooked” by Michael Pollan I am determined to stop buying the processed bricks and rock the japanese roux from scratch. Doesn’t seem that hard –  How to Make Curry Roux (by Just One Cookbook)

Winter Share Veg by Ryan Kuonen
Broccoli & Green Beans frozen during Summer make our Winter curries pop

We don’t really follow a traditional recipe when making our curries, typically just rocking what we have in the fridge. Sometimes we keep it rather traditional — with onions, carrots, and potatoes. Most times we add an apple to sweeten things up. However, this time we had some Winter Share veg on hand and an onion from the farmer’s market. We didn’t have an apple but used a red pepper to sweeten things up a bit. Curries are shamelessly easy to rock — you saute the veg, add water, add the roux, simmer until thick….

Our curry this night was a vegetable and beef delight. We added some edamame snacking while the curry cooked, pairing the whole cold WInter’s eve with a movie marathon. Good stuff! For more fun ways to cook up a curry and some yummy variations, check out this informative post – Japanese Curry Rice from Scratch

Edamame by ryan k
Edamame and a movie…..

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