Corn Soup – 2 ways!

MimoMex Corn. Aug 2013

Winter Share Sweet Corn!
Winter Share Sweet Corn!

Corn is one of my favorite “vegetables”. I count down the days till the fresh corn arrives in our CSA. And then do the happy dance when they arrive in the Winter Share. Not much beats a sweet corn soup in the dark days of Winter. Cleaning out the inbox I found a Member Diary which somehow never got posted. Whoops! Plus, gearing up for our first distribution of frozen delights from Winter Sun, I was cruising through pics of meals we rocked last year. We loooooooove corn soup! Corn Soup_Step 3 (1)

Corn Soup Ingredients
Corn Soup Ingredients

Corn Soup_Step 1

Corn Soup by Dina & Chloe:
  • Whole Milk (1 cup to every 2 stalks of corn)
  • Sea Salt
  • Chicken Brouillon
 This recipe is easy! We used 4 corn stalks to serve about 3. But this is also good chilled the next day, so I recommend making a bigger batch.
  1. Grate the corn into a bowl. 
  2. Add your pulpy corn juice to a strainer and mash all the liquid through.  
  3. Put the liquid in a big pot and heat.  
  4. Add milk, chicken brouillon to taste, and sea salt.
  5. Let simmer.  Serve

Corn Soup_Step 2


Our fave Corn Soup last Winter also included broccoli from the Winter Share and a little Green Curry to spice it up. Basically the instructions were (almost) the same as above. Since the winter veg comes washed and sliced, we just had to defrost and throw in the pot. We added milk, stock, and curry to taste. Delicioso!
corn & broccoli curry soup by ryan kuonen

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