Last Shares For Sale

We’ve got a few shares still for sale – (Shares can be combined etc) Full Berry Share – Pick up berry share every week – $475 + admin Half Vegetable Share (B week) – Pick up Veg share bi-weekly – $312 + admin Half Berry Share  (A week) – Pick up berry share bi-weekly – $237.50 + admin Full EggContinue reading “Last Shares For Sale”

5/26 – Week 4B – Berry, Egg , Chicken & Meat

Greig Farm Berry Share – 1 bunch asparagus Yellow Bell Egg Share – 1 dozen eggs Northwind Farm Meat Share – 1 fresh chicken, ground pork, hamburger, hot sausages, top sirloin steak (insert meat pic)   Beautiful weather out back at The Woods Memorial Day = summer CSA season has begun (also, you can start wearing your whiteContinue reading “5/26 – Week 4B – Berry, Egg , Chicken & Meat”

Sebastian Member Diary – Week of May 19

Hello, Hellooooo!…. I split a share with 2 other families last year and it worked out so well that we decided to do it again this year! We realized that this way we each get a bounty of goodies every 3 weeks, and not the weekly/ bi-weekly necessity. Each of our families have 3-4 heartyContinue reading “Sebastian Member Diary – Week of May 19”

Member Diary – Eggs Three Ways by Raptor

A carton of fresh eggs doesn’t last long at our house. Our two person share family plows right through the dozen each week. Eggs are by far our favorite protein for all meals. Here’s what we did with our most recent dozen from the CSA (our veg and fruit shares haven’t started up yet). 1.Continue reading “Member Diary – Eggs Three Ways by Raptor”

Member Diary – B Week Berry + Eggs by Lara

Blog entry for a Half Share of MONTY DELUXE — Week B. Pick up date: May 12, 2014 — Week 2 of Summer ’14! The half share means I only pick up every other week. My share is just for me, & a few lucky friends who occasionally get what I can’t finish 🙂 The SummerContinue reading “Member Diary – B Week Berry + Eggs by Lara”

For Sale – Packages/Shares for under $500-ish

Think you can’t afford to eat local — Think again! Southside CSA has many smaller sized packages and with grocery prices set to go up because of the drought, eating local has never been more positive for your health and your bank account. Half Orchard – $132 + admin ($12 per week) Half Berry –Continue reading “For Sale – Packages/Shares for under $500-ish”