Member Diary – B Week Berry + Eggs by Lara

Berry means Asparagus in May
Berry means Asparagus in May
Blog entry for a Half Share of MONTY DELUXE — Week B.
Pick up date: May 12, 2014 — Week 2 of Summer ’14!
The half share means I only pick up every other week.
My share is just for me, & a few lucky friends who occasionally get what I can’t finish 🙂
photo  by Lara SFire
Yellow Bell Eggs
The Summer always starts a bit light, as things are just beginning to grow after the long winter, so we only got one veggie this week: Asparagus! However, it was amazing, and I am still trying to finish it. We got a huge bucket of asparagus — 3 & 1/2 pounds!! — from Grieg Farm, and I got a dozen eggs from Yellow Bell Farm.
Asparagus bu Greig Farm
Asparagus by Greig Farm

Breakfast: For one serving, I tend to just cut 6 stalks or so, chopping them in bit sizes, and never over cooking (lightly brown/singed, still crispy) – to retain the nutrients and flavor.
I am a terrible cook!! Luckily, the food from CSA is so amazing, you don’t have to do much to enjoy the hell out of it. I love my iron skillet, and pretty much throw everything in here, keeping it simple: sautéed asparagus with Toasted Sesame Seed oil, and adding a bit of Sea Salt.
Once the asparagus was done, I threw one piece of bacon in the pan & fried up a couple of the eggs in the bacon grease. Then made an arugula salad with 1/2 avocado, sesame seeds & with tahini/lime/toasted sesame oil dressing — add a cup of coffee & you got a great breakfast! It took about 10/15 minutes to make. Fast and simple.
Money SHot
Money SHot
See you around in B week!
xx Lara

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