Member Diary – Eggs Three Ways by Raptor

Eggs in a Cup
Eggs in a Cup

A carton of fresh eggs doesn’t last long at our house. Our two person share family plows right through the dozen each week. Eggs are by far our favorite protein for all meals. Here’s what we did with our most recent dozen from the CSA (our veg and fruit shares haven’t started up yet).

1. Eggs on a half shell

Soft boiled eggs are the best, especially for dinner. For perfect soft boiled eggs, boil the water, add some vinegar, and drop the eggs in for about 7 minutes. After, drop the eggs into cold water.

Soft Boiled Eggs
Soft Boiled Eggs

For this meal, we put the soft boiled eggs over brown rice with soy sauce, and ate with a salad and some fresh asparagus cooked on high temp. Delicious.

2. Carbonara

We also used the eggs to add rich flavor to whole wheat spaghetti. After the pasta was all cooked, we dropped the egg in and stirred to cook the egg with the heat of the noodles.

Egg Pasta
Egg Pasta

We also mixed in a bechamel sauce (melt butter, add some flour, then some milk) with a little cheese.

Steaming Pasta

The result was an ooey, gooey savory pasta.

ooeygooey pic by jenna telesca

We topped the pasta with some ground beef and more asparagus (since they were in season and we can’t get enough lately). This dish kept really well for lunch the next day.

finalpasta pic by jenna telesca


3. Tamago kake gohan

This rice dish we found out about from our good friend Wikipedia:

crackegg pic by jenna telesca


You take the egg and add it to a bowl of soy sauce.

egginbowl pic by jenna telesca


You stir, stir, stir until mixed.

stiregg by jenna telesca


Then you add some of the egg mixture to a steaming bowl of rice.

mixitup pic by jenna telesca


And stir stir stir again, with the rice cooking the egg mixture as you move it around the bowl. Just be careful not to add too much egg or you will get soggy rice with raw egg.

morestir pic by jenna telesca


Finally, you have a nice bowl of flavored rice.



We ate this with some brussels sprouts and a baby kale salad.



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