Member Diary – B Week Berry + Eggs by Lara

Berry means Asparagus in May

Berry means Asparagus in May

Blog entry for a Half Share of MONTY DELUXE — Week B.
Pick up date: May 12, 2014 — Week 2 of Summer ’14!
The half share means I only pick up every other week.
My share is just for me, & a few lucky friends who occasionally get what I can’t finish 🙂
photo  by Lara SFire

Yellow Bell Eggs

The Summer always starts a bit light, as things are just beginning to grow after the long winter, so we only got one veggie this week: Asparagus! However, it was amazing, and I am still trying to finish it. We got a huge bucket of asparagus — 3 & 1/2 pounds!! — from Grieg Farm, and I got a dozen eggs from Yellow Bell Farm.
Asparagus bu Greig Farm

Asparagus by Greig Farm

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For Sale – Packages/Shares for under $500-ish

Veggies behind the Woods

Think you can’t afford to eat local — Think again!

Southside CSA has many smaller sized packages and with grocery prices set to go up because of the drought, eating local has never been more positive for your health and your bank account.

  • Half Orchard – $132 + admin ($12 per week)
  • Half Berry – $237.50 + admin (weekly value fluctuates – averages to $20 per week)
  • Full Orchard-  $264 + admin ($12 per week)
  • Half Share Vegetable  – $312 + admin fee ($24 per week)
  • Oh My Pie – Full Orchard + Full Egg  $378 + admin  ($18 per week)
  • Full Berry – $475 + admin (weekly value fluctuates – averages to $20 per week)
  • Full Veg -$600 + admin fee ($24 per week)

Payment Plans available –

Greig Farm (Mostly) Berry Share

Greig Farm (Mostly) Berry Share





Week 2- B Berry, Egg, Meat & Chicken

Greig Farm (Berry) Share
3.5lbs. of Asparagus

Yellow Bell Egg Share
1 dozen eggs

Northwind Farm Meat Share
1 whole chicken, ground pork, sirloin steak, pork hocks

Yellow Bell Chicken Share
1 fresh chicken




Still Time to Sign Up….

Asparagus makes an appearance in Week 1 of the Greig Farm Berry Share

Asparagus makes an appearance in Week 1 of the Greig Farm Berry Share

We may have kicked things off for the year–YEAH ASPARAGUS! YEAH YEAH FARM FRESH EGGS!! — but there is still time to sign up and get in on the goodness!!  Become a member of the Southside CSA and guarantee your weekly score of vegetables, berries, eggs, meat and more.

Yellow Bell Eggs

Yellow Bell Eggs

Right now, just the egg, berry , meat and chicken shares have started. (Berries have started? you ask? — Not quite, see our fab farmer Norm grows asparagus, strawberries, peas, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples and pumpkins; These crops compose our Greig Farm Berry share. It is mostly berries…but kicks off with an early Spring dose of asparagus). Soon the backyard of the Woods will be filled with strawberries…and then vegetables from MimoMex, and finally fruits from local orchards. You don’t want to miss out….. So sign up today while there is still room!

Strawberry haul

Strawberry haul – June 2013

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Week 1 – A Berry, Egg, Meat & Chicken



Greig Farm (Mostly) Berry Share
–14oz of Asparagus


Yellow Bell Egg Share
–1 dozen eggs


Northwind Meat Share
–Boneless Rump Roast, Ground Turkey Meat, Pork Chops, Ground Beef, Split Chicken Breast


Chicken Share
–1 chicken






2014 Season Starts Tomorrow!

We are busy as beavers (or maybe even farmers) getting ready for the start of our 2014 season. We are making our lists, checking them twice, finishing up creating our season calendars, and dragging out all the scales and supplies from the closet.

We look forward to seeing all our Greig Farm Berry Share, Yellow Belle Egg & Chicken Share, and Northwind Farm Meat Share members. (vegetable and orchard shares start in June)

Have no fear, if you are interested in signing up, there is still time. From here on out our CSA sign ups will take place during our Monday distributions. Swing by the Woods, have a drink, and sign on up for a season of local fruit and vegetables.

Southside CSA distribution takes place every Monday at the Woods (48 S4th) from 630-830pm.