July 28 -A week Distribution

MimoMex Veg
1 pound zucchini
1 pound white potatoes
1 pound red potatoes
4 ears of corn
1 bunch papalo
1 bunch kale
1 bunch collard greens
1 bunch scallions
2 pieces white onions


Greig Farm Berry
1 bucket of blueberries


NY Orchard
2 pounds of peaches
1 pound of nectarines


Northwind Meat
1 chicken
1 chorizo
1 beef shank
1 choice of turkey wings or drumsticks


Yellow Bell Egg
1 dozen eggs


Yellow Bell Chicken
1 chicken


Share Info – July 21st

The Woods – our normal distribution spot – was busy with a private event so our weekly distribution relocated across the street. Big thanks to North Brooklyn Farms who lent us their beautiful space. (Super big thanks to Quinn & Carrie who really gave us a helping hand with set-up & clean-up) We got to enjoy a fabulous sunset in the shadow of the Domino Sugar Factory – super good stuff!! Thanks guys!!

Below is the list of what we got:

MimoMex veg
2 beets
1 pound potatoes
2 leeks
1 bunch kale
1 bunch scallions
1 bunch collard greens
1 bunch papalo
2 bulbs garlic
1 bunch of herbs: choose from basil, camomile, stevia and oregano

Double New York sOrchard
3 pounds of peaches
3 pounds of plums

Greig Farm Berry Share
1 bucket blueberries

Northwind Farm Meat Share
whole turkey
pork chops
split chicken breast

Yellow Bell Chicken Share
1 chicken

Yellow Bell Egg Share
1 dozen eggs








July 14 A week – Veg, Berry, Orchard, Egg, Meat & Chicken

MimoMex Veg
Veggie:herbs (1 bunch), kale (1 bunch), red lettuce (1 head), cilantro (1 bunch), pearl onions (1 bunch), white onion (2 pieces), red onion (1.5 pounds), zucchini (2 pounds), beets (2 each)

Berry: blueberries (1 bucket)

Orchard: plums (1 pound), peaches (2 pounds)
Egg: eggs (1 carton)

Meat: eye round roast, chorizo, chicken
Chicken: chicken







Milk Bar Member Diary


Some of the strawberries that live in our refrigerator!

At Milk Bar we know a good snack when we see one! At any given day in our busy office one may find a veritable smorgasbord of potential new treats laid upon our big meeting table for tasting like a Parthenon offering to the statue of Athena. A day’s work is all too often punctuated by the remnants of these delicious creations some of which find their way to our menu while others remain a happy memory in our collective palate perhaps to be resurrected by a culinary epiphany at some future date. If one is not careful, however, by end of day one may find he has quietly amassed a mountain of plates with the evidence of the milky, sugary goodness staring him in the face reminding him he’s substituted chocolate malt for a midday meal once again. Not a bad gig for any burgeoning snackmeister, I must say.

Around the Milk Bar office our CSA share has given us a few new daytime snack options. We store our share in the office refrigerator where most mornings members of our Press team can be found stirring a handful of blueberries and strawberries into their yogurt or oatmeal. Weekly meetings, once dominated by a spread of goodies that would make Marie Antoinette blush, now share the stage with snap peas and berry bowls. Though our tastings remain sacred we turn to our CSA share for much needed midday sustenance and each member of our team is free to visit the fridge at his or her delight. Personally, I’m partial to a cornflake-strawberry-blueberry admixture – great for snacking with multiple pencils tucked behind your ears and an inbox bursting at the digital seams.



July, 7, 2014 B Week

MimoMex Farm Share
– Herbs: (1 bunch (choose one: basil, mint, sage, chamomile, rosemary

– pearl onions (1 bunch)

– red onions (2 pieces)


– white onions (2 pieces)


– beets (3 pieces)


– kale (1 bunch)


– zucchini (2 lbs)


– radish (1 bunch)


– cilantro (1 bunch)


Egg share
– 1 dozen eggs


Meat Share
– 1 porter house steak
– 2 turkey drumsticks
– pork sausage
– hot Italian sausage

Orchard share
Note: There was a schedule mixup and there is no orchard this week. This will also be balanced out in later weeks.

Berry Share
– 1 qt blueberries
Note: There was an early mixup, and some people took 1 tray (4 quarts) instead of 1 quart, leaving some late comers berry-less. This will be evened out in later