Share Info – Labor Day – B Week Shares

MimoMex Veg Share
– 1 Pumpkin
– 5 Ears of Corn
-2 lbs Tomatoes
-1/2 lb Grape Tomatoes
-1lb Onion
-1lb String Beans
– 2Leeks
-1bunch Collard Greens

NY Orchard Share
– 1 1/2 lb Red Heart Plums
-1 1/2 lb Fortune Plums

Greig Farm Berry Share
– 1 bucket Assorted Apples and a plum

Yellow Bell Egg Share
– 1 dozen Eggs

Northwind a Farm Meat Share
– Turkey Breast
– a Turkey Drumsticks
– Hot Italian Sausages
– pair of Beef Shanks

Yellow Bell Chicken Share
– chicken

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