Oct 27th B Week Shares

MimoMex Vegetable Share 1 Head of Cabbage, 2 bunches of Spinach, 1 lb Onions, 1 lb Red Onions, Choice of Collard Greens or Swiss Chard, 4 ears of Popping Corn, 1 Decorative Pumpkin or Gourd, 1 bunch Mustard Greens N Y Orchard 2 lbs Red Delicious Apples & 1 Jug of Cider Winter Share onContinue reading “Oct 27th B Week Shares”

Stephanie Member Diary

Holy greens this week! This is what my partner, Brian, and I got in our MimoMex Veggie and Orchard half shares: mustard greens, red mustard greens, arugula, mizuna, spinach, broccoli, cilantro, onions, baby pumpkins, a Sugar Baby pumpkin, Empire apples, apple cider. Monday: Usually I try to clear out the fridge before my pickup so that there’s roomContinue reading “Stephanie Member Diary”

Oct 20th A Week Shares

MimoMex Vegetable Share 2 baby pumpkins 1 Sugar Baby Pumpkin 1 pound Onions 1 bunch Mustard Greens 1 bunch Mizuna 1 bunch Arugula 1 bunch Cilantro 1 head of Broccoli 1 bunch Spinach 1 bunch of Red Mustard Greens NY Orchard Share 1/2 gallon of Cider 1 & 1/2 pound Empire Apples

Laura & Merav Member Diary

My roommate and I share our CSA which is a half share of veggies, eggs, and orchard. This is our first year doing a CSA and we have been loving it! Here’s how we’ve been using the share this week: Monday: After picking up the share, we decided to make a quiche with the spinach,Continue reading “Laura & Merav Member Diary”

Dillen Member Diary

This is our friend Yvonne doing her distribution service on Oct.06th. She is the one who introduced us to the Southside CSA. She gave us her share on week while she was out of town and we were blown away! Our family is 3 people- two adults and a 4 year old. The share weContinue reading “Dillen Member Diary”

Oct 13th B Week Shares

MimoMex Vegetable Shares 4 pieces corn 1 bunch green mustard greens 1 bunch oriental salad mix 1 bunch arugula 1 bunch red mustard greens 1 bunch radish 1 bunch cilantro 1 bunch spinach Greig Farm Berry Share 1 bag of apples 1 mini pumpkin 1 decorative gourd NY Orchard Share 2 pounds apples 1 ciderContinue reading “Oct 13th B Week Shares”

Dana & Zoe Member Diary – Week of Sept 29

My Husband and I have half shares of vegetable, orchard, berry, egg and meat. Below is an example of how we use up all of the goodness!! Monday night:To tired to cook, so we spent the evening sorting our share and eating leftovers- corn and turkey leg stuffed poblano peppers with tomatillo salsa.

Tomatillo Recipes from Swift Johnson Share

Tomatillos can be a challenge for those not used to cooking with them. Share family Swift Johnson shares their favorite recipes in this Special Tomatillo edition of the Member Diary Here are a couple of tomatillo recipes!! Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Total Time: 15 min Ingredients 1 1/2 pounds fresh tomatillos 5 fresh serrano chiles 3 garlicContinue reading “Tomatillo Recipes from Swift Johnson Share”

Oct 6th A Week Shares

MimoMex Vegetable 4ears of corn, half pound poblano peppers, 1 bunch spinach, half pound chilaca peppers, half pound tomatillos, 1 bunch spinach, 1bunch arugula, 1 bunch radish, 1 bunch red mizuna, 1 bunch mustard greens, 1 bunch cilantro, Greig Farm “Berry” 1bag assorted Apples & 1 decorative gourd NY Orchard 1.5 pounds Macintosh Apples &Continue reading “Oct 6th A Week Shares”