Still time to sign up for this year…

Members weighing up their vegetables

Members weighing up their vegetables

We still have shares for sale! Availability of shares — especially half shares — varies but we will do our best to get you lined up with the shares of your dreams.

Here is link to online form:

Below is the general pricing for remaining shares:

  • (Mostly)Berry Share – 24 weeks – May 4 – Oct 12 (Full – $475; Half – $237.50)
    • Berry shares ARE NOT pro-rated for late starts. Norm throws in the asparagus – which is what comes in the share during May– as a bonus and therefore it is not calculated into the share $$ total
  • (Late start) Egg Share – 18 weeks –  June 15 – Oct 12 (Full- $99; Half – $49.50)
  • Vegetable Share – 24 weeks- June 15 to Nov 23 (Full- $600; Half- $300)
  • Orchard Share – 20 weeks – July 13 to Nov 23 (Full- $260 Half – $130)
  • (Late start) Chicken Share – 18 weeks – (Full – $432 Half – $216)
  • Meat Shares– 
    • 18 weeks Package 1 (5-8lbs per distro) –$990 –Every week from June 15th to Oct 12th
    • 18 weeks Package 2 (8-10lbs per distro) –$1170 –Every week from June 15th to Oct 12th
    • 9 weeks Package 1 ($495) Bi -weekly from June 15th to Oct 12th
    • 9 weeks Package 2 ($585) Bi-weekly from June 15th to Oct 12th
  • Circle C Maple –  One time distribution on June 22. Lots of Maple! Lots of sizes! Lots of Grades! Availability depends on the season; Order early to be sure to get your stash of local maple syrup. Prices and sized linked here…
Distribution August 2013

Distribution August 2013

Distribution June 2013

Distribution June 2013

Berry share check-in at distribution.

Berry share check-in at distribution.

May 25 – B week Berry, Egg, Chicken & Meat Shares

Week # 4 is the transition week between asparagus and strawberries. Super small amounts of both with a small goodbye to spears and a sweet hello to berries.

Greig Farm Berry Share
1 qt Strawberries
3 ounces Asparagus

Yellow Bell Egg Share
1 dozen eggs

Yellow Bell Chicken
1 whole roaster

Northwind Farm Meat Shares
1 Chicken Drumstick
1 Split Shell Breast
1 Turkey Tenderloin
1 package Italian Sausage
1 ground Beef
1 ground Pork

Regular Meat Share
1 Split Shell Breast Chicken
Choice of Wurst – Brat or Bock
Hot Italian Sausages
chorizo Sausages
Chicken Drumsticks









Week #3 Member Diary – Fox Force 5

Asparagus May 2015

ASPARAGUS SEASON! May means we are knee deep into Asparagus season. This week’s distribution was another 2 pounds. We also get an Egg Share and a Large Meat Share. Our household tends to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days so we have get full shares of everything.Large Meat 2015

Egg May 2015

Having been spoiled by the super fresh asparagus we get from Greig Farm, we really only eat asparagus during the month of May when it is in season here in NY. Store bought spears shipped from thousands of miles away just doesn’t compare. So for the month of May we tend to eat asparagus for every meal.  Continue reading

Week #3 – A – Berry, Egg, Chicken & Meat

Greig Farm Berry Share
– 2lbs Asparagus

Northwind Farm Meat Shares
Regular Share
– 1 whole Chicken
– 1 package Filet Steaks
– 1 package Hot Italian Sausages

Large Share
– 1 Whole Chicken
– 1 package of Flat Iron Steaks
– 1 package Hot Italian Sausages
– Rack of Pork Spare Ribs

Yellow Bell Egg Share
– 1 dozen Eggs

Yellow Bell Chicken Share
– 1 Chicken

Beer Tasting Club
3 22ounce bottles. 1 of each:
– Weissbier
– Amber
– Kolsch








Still time to sign up!

pic by Wills & Sarah

There are still some shares up for grabs — Come to a Monday night distribution to sign up in person or email for a link to an online form —

Scroll down for a post (also titled still time to sign up for more details on our shares and pricing)


Week #2 Member Diary – Anya + Adam

Cover Shot
Adam and I have been members of a CSA for almost 10 years and this is our second season with Southside CSA. I’m a big cook and a pescetarian, so we get the works for our family of 3: fruit, veggies, eggs.
I like that the share starts out slow in the spring and gives us time to warm up. Later on in the season we freeze lots of stuff, or cook for potlucks and BBQs. We have a seasonal food wheel on our wall so it helps us predict what’s going to come next!

Continue reading

Week #2 – B Berry, Egg, Meat & Chicken

Greig Farm Berry Share
-2lbs Asparagus

Yellow Bell Egg Share
– 1 dozen eggs

Yellow Bell Chicken Share
– 1 Chicken

Northwind Meat Share
Large Share
Ground Turkey
Ground Pork
Stew Beef
Turkey Drumsticks
Bone-in Rib Steak

Regular Share
Package of 2 Poussins
Package of Boneless Rib Steaks
Italian Sausages



CSA May 11 2014-05-14 008 CSA May 11 2014-05-14 009 CSA May 11 2014-05-14 011

Week 1 – May 4th – Berry, Egg, Meat, Chicken

1 Week CSA 2014-05-07 011

Today was our first week, an early Spring distribution. It may have seemed like Summer, the warmest kick-off in recent memory, but it has been a long cold Winter and Spring. Now that the sun has arrived, so have some of the earliest crops, like spring onions, ramps, and asparagus. Asparagus is a perennial that pops up for several years, a fast growing flower when the temperature is right.

Tonight was week 1 of 24 in the Berry, Egg, Chicken, and Meat shares. Our partner in crime for the Berry Share is Greig Farm. Norm runs a no spray, pick your own farm, growing a variety of produce, specializing in berries. Our share follows the harvest of asparagus, peas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, apples & pumpkins, receiving the bounty of the varying harvests.Norm has rallied his neighbors to partner with the CSA, resulting in the Egg, Meat and Chicken shares.

Meat Share Luv

Meat Share Luv

1 Week CSA 2014-05-07 001

Greig Farm Berry Share

2 lbs Asparagus

1 Week CSA 2014-05-07 012

Yellow Bell Egg Share

1 dozen eggs

1 Week CSA 2014-05-07 008

Northwind Farm Meat Shares

Regular (pictured above)

  • Turkey Tenderloins
  • Ground Pork
  • Ground Turkey
  • Turkey Drumsticks
  • Large package of Stew Beef

Large (pictured below)

  • Top Sirloin Beef Roast
  • Turkey Tenderloins
  • Pork Sausage
  • Chorizo Sausages

1 Week CSA 2014-05-07 009

We forgot to get a snap of the Chicken share. The first week is always a bit of a cluster. Next week….

1 Week CSA 2014-05-07 013

2015 Harvest Calendar

2015 Calendar