Week #3 Member Diary – Fox Force 5

Asparagus May 2015

ASPARAGUS SEASON! May means we are knee deep into Asparagus season. This week’s distribution was another 2 pounds. We also get an Egg Share and a Large Meat Share. Our household tends to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days so we have get full shares of everything.Large Meat 2015

Egg May 2015

Having been spoiled by the super fresh asparagus we get from Greig Farm, we really only eat asparagus during the month of May when it is in season here in NY. Store bought spears shipped from thousands of miles away just doesn’t compare. So for the month of May we tend to eat asparagus for every meal. 

Egg Asparagus

Nothing says Spring more than eggs for every meal. While the produce is still just starting to produce, the hens are laying eggs with a gusto now that the days are longer and warmer. As a healthy dose of protein, we love eggs. We adore Yellow Bell eggs and really can’t eat anything but eggs straight from the farm. The difference in quality — even from high ends eggs at the supermarket is crazy! Both of us like to start our day with an egg. Yolim prefers soft boiled eggs while I tend to dress my toast with a sunny-sided egg.

egg asparagus 2015

During the month of May, my morning toast typically includes asparagus. In the morning I tend to saute up some asparagus for breakfast and lunch. This week I went with multi-grain toast smothered in a sweet and slighty spicy pepper/tomato jam I made from the Vegetable share last summer. The toast is then layered in sauteed asparagus and a fried egg.

egg asparagus

egg asparagus

For my lunch, this week it was all about different versions of an asparagus salad. Spinach, grilled asparagus, some sort of cheese and a dressing (either poppy seed or a balsamic vinaigrette). Yolim doesn’t do savory breakfast so he refuses to have asparagus for breakfast. His lunch this week was a sandwich that included pickled asparagus. For two different dinners we cooked up some poultry from our Meat share – Turkey Drumsticks and a Whole Chicken. Both meals left us with enough leftovers to make Yolim chicken/turkey salad sandwiches for lunch every day. The recipe was rather simple — chopped chicken or turkey mixed with mustard, soy sauce, mayonnaise, and diced pickled asparagus. I also whipped up a quick asparagus omelette a few mornings. Love pairing asparagus with goat cheese….

egg asparagus

asparagus egg

For dinners, we whipped up a few of our favorite asparagus classics. Risottos, curries, and pasta dishes. Our garden is producing a lovely harvest of chives. I love nothing more than garnishing an asparagus dish with fried flowers. Tasty and beautiful. Still want to make dumplings or ravioli but this week was a bit too crazy for any project cooking or elaborate meals. Quick and dirty faves that are fun to cook, simple to throw together, and highlight the fresh delicious asparagus harvest!

2014-05-23 003 2014-05-23 002 asparagus egg

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