Raptor Member Diary for Week 5 (June 1)


Behold, our berry share and egg share for the week! (The two of us also have the veg share, but that hasn’t started yet this year.) We thought asparagus season was over so it was a nice surprise to get another bunch in addition to the four—count ‘em, one-two-three-four—quarts of strawberries.

We usually transport everything easily from the Woods with some cloth bags. Berry transportation, however, is tricky. It was especially tricky in the rain last week with a soggy cardboard box. We usually store our asparagus standing up on the counter in a little bit of water, but we pounced right on the asparagus for dinner on Monday night.


We dig cooking veggies in a wok. You heat up the wok, put a little bit of oil and then toss in the asparagus. The awesome thing about cooking in is a wok is the searing. The asparagus always looks so happy being sautéed.

boiling eggs

We’re big egg eaters, so we’re able to make it through the weekly dozen. Usually, we make eggs, soft boiled, for dinner.

After years of intense egg experimentation, we have discovered the ultimate recipe for soft-boiled eggs: Boil water, add a little white vinegar, add the eggs right from the fridge, remove after seven minutes and put the eggs in cold water or ice water if you feel super motivated. Peel, then split the eggs in half and sprinkle a little soy sauce over the yolks to make them savory and ready for dinner.


We added some brown rice, kidney beans and kale to finish off our meal last week.


The shape of the share strawberries is distinct and smaller than what you might see in a grocery store. We didn’t do any cooking with the strawberries last week. The hardest part of preparing them is getting all the dirt off. Washing is so not optional for these little guys.

They were terrific on top of some muesli at breakfast.


And, we prepared a bunch all at once as a snack for work.


We’re been members of the Southside CSA for a few years now, and the amount of food is ample for two people. We don’t really need to buy supplementary produce during late summer and fall. You can easily get behind if you don’t cook every day. We’ve learned it is best to cook the veggies that don’t store as well first and prepare the hardier vegetables—like corn or squash—later.

—Jenna and Chris

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