Jonathan + Kristie Member Diary – Week of June 22

# Distribution

IMG_6613 IMG_6622

Kristie and I live with two dogs, Bijoux and Roux. They don’t get much of the share, although Roux was pretty into the sugarsnap pea we gave her. We share a half-share of veggies and of orchard (which hasn’t started yet). This doesn’t seem like much, but it can still be challenging to store and cook all this food.

Pro tip: occasionally you can buy extras like loose cartons of eggs or a spare chicken. This is a great way to sample tasty new CSA eats, and figure out if you’re ready to sign up for a share the next season.

pic by JBerger

Our schedules are pretty busy and we eat out or order in a *lot* for the sake of convenience, but one of the reasons we do CSA is to slow down and try to cook and eat more together, in the house. I *love* leafy greens, so this weeks share was pretty exciting: spinach, rainbow chard, mizuna, radishes, garlic, garlic scapes, lettuce, snap peas, and broccoli rabe. We also scored some Maple Syrup samples from the [Circle C Maple Farm][] in Pine Bush NY. Thanks guys!

pic by JBerger

I had distribution duty this week and was handing out the meat share. It wasn’t long before I was wishing we’d ordered some; luckily there was a spare chicken, so we picked that up (along with a loose carton of eggs).

pic by JBerger

By the time distribution was done it was a little late to cook and eat, so we grabbed a bite at Landhaus (the grill at the back of The Woods). After eating, we shlepped our haul home.

pic by JBerger

*Pro Tip: we’ve got a ton of tote bags, but we set aside the orange ones (with a few extra plastic bags stowed inside) for CSA. This makes them easy to find and grab.*

# Chicken and Chard

Tuesday night is Chicken night! We made [Keller][]’s Simple Roast Chicken, and I tried a nice [Lemon Garlic Rainbow Chard][] recipe that turned out great.

pic by JBerger


Kristie taught me to deglaze the runnings from the chicken so that was our sauce.

pic by JBerger

I also threw together an israeli cous-cous using some olive oil, salt and pepper, and some carrots, orange pepper, and radish (the only CSA ingredient!) for a little texture. Voila!

pic by JBerger

## The Grill

A few nights later a buddy invited me over to grill. “I’ve got proteins, you worry about greens,” he said. On it! Broccoli rabe is a little too bitter for Kristie, so I took the opportunity to get rid of it, as well as the lettuce (the most delicate of our remaining greens.)

While Luke cut up some stray tomatos, CSA radishes, and the lettuce into a salad,

pic by JBerger

I was hard at work putting the broccoli rabe into foil packets with some over-the-hill tomatoes and a slab of butter. Throw those on the grill for…well, as long as you feel like, really. Be careful not to burn yourself on the steam when you open them up!

pic by JBerger IMG_6658 IMG_6661

Jay made a few beautiful steaks, and we were off to the races!

pic by JBerger IMG_6664 IMG_6665


[Lemon Garlic Rainbow Chard]:

[Circle C Maple Farm]:

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