2018 Harvest Season ON SALE!

SIGN UPS ARE OPEN! Get in on the best produce by joining the Southside CSA! Every Monday starting May 7th and running through Thanksgiving. 6 months of local fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, fish, and more. Weekly or bi-weekly pickups.


To sign up, fill out this google form: SIGN UP FORM! 

Any questions email, southsidecsa@gmail.com

There is a lot of info packed within this blog. Pictures & whole pages dedicated to the shares and the farms. Below is a quickie run through to hopefully explain what we offer and how it works….

Day & LOCATION: We distribute on Mondays from 630-830pm from the Woods, a local bar on S4th. Typically we are in the backyard. Drinks! Food! Vegetables!

PICKUPS – 2 distribution offers for all the shares. Full shares are weekly pickups; half shares are assigned bi-weekly pickups. In addition, the meat shares offer a Monthly distribution option.


We have one vegetable share provided by MimoMex Farm. They are not certified organic but are a “natural” farm which does not use any chemicals or pesticides on their farm. They do sometimes use natural fertilizers. They could be certified organic but the paperwork burden and high cost of certification do not seem to be the best value at this time for our farmers.

We have 2 fruit shares: the Greig Farm (aka Berry) Share & the NY Orchard Share. These are two very different shares. BOTH AMAZING & HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

The Greig Farm share runs 24 weeks, starting early in May and ending in mid October. We affectionately call this share the BERRY share because it is mostly berries. But in reality, it is whatever Norm grows. He recently added stone fruit trees to the property and they will be producing this year so their will be added plums in the shares. This share is a NO SPRAY Share. Norm doesn’t even use approved organic pesticides (yup yup, certified organic farmers CAN/DO spray their crops with natural approved pesticides & fertilizers) Norm believes that you should be able to eat the produce straight from the ground and therefore DOES ABSOLUTELY NO SPRAYING EVER!! He runs a small pick your own farm which is mostly centered around berries. The share starts with asparagus in May, moving to strawberries in June, blueberries & plums in July, blackberries in August, a variety of apples in the fall, wrapping up with all sorts of pumpkins & gourds in mid October.

The NY Orchard share runs 20 weeks, starting in Mid July and ending in November. It is sourced from a couple of farms that neighbor MimoMex over in Orange County. The share contains stone fruits & apples & apple cider in the late fall. All the farms are low-spray farms (and some do have some groves of no spray as lots of local farmers are trying to produce organic apples and peaches) The term low-spray has no precise definition and simply refers to a reduced synthetic pesticide spray program relative to an area’s prevailing or conventional spray programs. Lots more info about low spray protocols on the blog.

Northwind Farm is our meat share provider. Jane & Richie are some of the best farmers ever. Along with their son, they raise a whole ton of animals, creating a fab share with mad variety. The shares can be customized to people’s own tastes. There are 3 lengths: 24/12 weeks (May to Oct), 18/9 weeks (Jun to Oct) & 6 monthly deliveries. See blog for all the nitty details.

Yellow Bell Farm provides us with our eggs, and also runs a whole chicken share. The Whole Chicken share is a fresh butchered whole roaster. Size varies throughout the season between large to small depending on the flock size and time of year. In addition, this year we are signing people up to get the amazing products that Yellow Bell makes: Bone broth, liver pate, pickled eggs oooooh la la!!

The Pura Vida FISH share is a goooooood one. Local fisherman brings us a variety of the weekend’s catch. Wide variety of choices from the sea….

The Maple share is a one time order (two times if it is a good season). The delivery comes sometime in June. Size and grade choices.

Questions: Lots more details and pics on the blog/facebook page. Feel free to email with any specific questions about the csa, the shares or our fab farmers



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