2020 Update – ‘Rona Season…

Sorry for the delay. COVID19 has delayed our launch as we reconfigure some things to match the changes we are experiencing. THE ONE THING NOT CHANGED is our farmers crop. They are planting and the season is proceeding. THE SHOW WILL GO ON!!

new plants

Right now we are updating all the info, determining our quarantine distribution plans, developing delivery options, and figuring out how to do sign-ups completely virtually. I started this CSA 11 years ago with a co-hort of co-organizers. For the past 5 years I have run it solo. I def need to go back to the old model and am recruiting help. It is a bit crazy to download the info from my brain into a seamless way for people to plug in and help. To that end, I have created a google form so that we can get the process started.

Here is a the form: HELP ORGANIZE FORM

AND here is a look at MIMOMEX FARM from March 12th

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I am a community organizer who lives and works in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. I like to cook, ride my bike, and hang at my house.

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