Ricker Family Member Diary Week #13

We’ve been members of Southside CSA since its founding (6 years?) but this is our first Member Diary! We are a family of three and we pick up a veggie share every week with meat and eggs every other week. This week we were super excited to see corn cobs at The Woods for theContinue reading “Ricker Family Member Diary Week #13”

Member Diary: Darling House Reflects on the CSA Season

In honor of this year’s final Southside distribution, the Darling House share would like to reflect on a few of the ways this food has integrated into our lives. Some background and habits: we are a household of 4 to 5 room mates that buys most of our groceries communally. There is a whiteboard inContinue reading “Member Diary: Darling House Reflects on the CSA Season”

Member Diary: Berry Monty’s November 19th Share

Hi readers! Our household loves kale and sweet potatoes. For the last delivery of the season, we decided to have a super duper kale-fest. Below are a few of our favorite recipes, including two with kale. They are very quick and easy and best of all, healthy! Enjoy. THE GRAND STREET GO-TO Tonight (and most nights really) we sauteedContinue reading “Member Diary: Berry Monty’s November 19th Share”

Member Diary: Caroline’s November 12th Share

k Brussel sprouts are my absolute favorite vegetable and I was overjoyed when I saw that they had finally been included in my very last vegetable share. I found a recipe for sprouts, pancetta and shallots braised with balsamic vinaigrette a few years ago and I make it so often (like, every single night) thatContinue reading “Member Diary: Caroline’s November 12th Share”

Member Diary: Wesley’s October 28th Share

About a year now, my girlfriend showed me the website for the Southside CSA. Buying and eating local was something that always interested us, but it was sometimes so hard with our fast paced lives here in New York. We thought this may be the best way to do this, and we were definitely pleasantlyContinue reading “Member Diary: Wesley’s October 28th Share”

Member Diary: 369 Studio’s October 28th Share

Hello CSA friends, With all the pumpkins we received this last season, we thought to share our latest healthy pumpkin pie recipe.  Also,  we made some great popcorn from the dried cobs using a mixture of coconut oil and butter.  This was another first for us; much like figuring out what to do with theContinue reading “Member Diary: 369 Studio’s October 28th Share”

Member Diary: Kline’s October 15th Share

  Our share name is KLINE and we are Katie Kline and Brett Scieszka. This is our third year as members of the Southside CSA! We have a veggie, egg, and berry share. I am a graduate student in visual arts at Columbia and Brett is a bartender at Vinegar Hill House (http://vinegarhillhouse.com/). Unfortunately ourContinue reading “Member Diary: Kline’s October 15th Share”

Member Diary- Kaitlyn’s October 1st Share

We got a lot of delicious goodies this week, like potatoes, bell peppers, lemongrass, acorn squash, pears, apples, lettuce, collards…. Acorn squash works exceptionally well as a “bowl” for thick stews or rice pilafs.   For a seductive and hearty stew, cut the top (stem end) of the squash off (like cutting off the “lid” ofContinue reading “Member Diary- Kaitlyn’s October 1st Share”

Member Diary: Alyssa’s September 27th Share

You probably recognize me as the grouchy lady who is always yelling at her kid on Monday night at The Woods. I’m Alyssa Palombino, and this is my third year with the Southside CSA. I’m a really terrible grocery shopper. I went to Fairway a few weeks ago, only to return with $40 worth ofContinue reading “Member Diary: Alyssa’s September 27th Share”

Member Diary: Caitlyn’s September 10th Share

Hi there CSAers! Our share family consists of my girlfriend Mary and I (Caitlyn), and we have the Bridge share plus a Berry share, which means we do our veggie and orchard share every other week, and berries every week. This has been going a long way towards feeding us this summer. Mary is aContinue reading “Member Diary: Caitlyn’s September 10th Share”