Still time to join!!

2022 sign ups still open!!


Choose from: VEGETABLE, BERRY, ORCHARD, FLOWER, EGG, FISH, MEAT, WHOLE CHICKEN, MAPLE SYRUP. Shares are pro-rated to your start date.

  • DOLLYS distribution @N8th/Kent : 5-8pm
  • Woods distribution@S4th/Kent: 630-9pm

NEW EARLY PICKUP TIMES: Because we have extras that we need to sell in order to meet our farmers minium orders we run a little farmers market starting at noon from our Dolly’s location. Any member (woods or Dollys) can pick up early.

Community Supported Agriculture = A community project that supports small family farmers who follow sustainable & healthy farming practices. Southside CSA supports EL MIMOMEX FARM in GOSHEN NY, GRIEG FARM in RED HOOK NY, NORTHWIND FARM in TIVOLI NY, HEARTBREAKER FLOWER FARM in RED HOOK NY, CIRCLE C MAPLE FARM in THE GUNKS NY & VARIOUS UPSTATE ORCHARDS. CSAs offer a quality product for a fair price with the entire amount going to the farmer who grew the food. Distributions are member-run & all share groups perform 2 volunteer shifts over the 6-month harvest season. Pricing ranges fro $15 a week to $75+ depending on share types, sizes, amounts. Full shares pick up weekly; Half shares pick up every other week. Admin fee based on payment plan – various payment plans available. 2022 PRICING HERE

July 4th was Week 10 of our 31 week season. The first third of our local harvest season is over; BUT ITS NOT TOO LATE TO SIGN UP! Don’t miss one more week of our NY harvest.

Our Southside CSA IG page has a lot of examples of share size & variety. Vegetable share is 8-11 items from El MimoMex Farm in Goshen. Berry Shares follow the harvest with qts of berries from Greig Farm running through mid-October. NYS Orchard shares 2-3lbs of the best local upstate orchards are producing – cherries, plums, peaches, nectarines, pears, apples, apple cider. Our flower share is a beautifully designed no spray bouquet.

ALL THE BEST NYS FIELDS HAVE TO OFFER, picked fresh and delivered to our 2 local distribution locales. Mondays never looked more local than swinging by the backyard at THE WOODS or the outdoor dining shed at DOLLYS SWING to get shares freshly harvested by our partner farms. With inflation & commercial pesticides, from cross country commutes to plastic wrapping, joining a CSA is making a conscious decision to support local sustainable food systems, your healthcare, and your wallet.

WAHOO! You are joining! Once you decided to join the biggest choices are how often you pickup and how many shares you purchase. We have many types of member groups: individual households, families, roommates, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers we introduced. There are many examples of share sizes on our IG. For our Half Shares, we split shares in half by assigning a bi-weekly schedule (A or B week – See calendar for exact schedule) Some people like to come every week — that FULL SCHEDULE means you don’t ever miss a thing as each week the delivery can be different. Some people have large households that cook regularly, friends that split that full share (if you don’t have that person, amigo, co-worker or neighbor- to split with we can help match you up with a share partner) or even people that mix n match with a mixture of full and half shares. Many ways to customize your share purchase!

Return to The Woods!!

YOU HEARD?? We back at The Woods!! Back at our Southside home but even better than just that we will be keeping up our Northside distribution as well with a satellite location at Dolly’s Swing and Dive

2022 we are experimenting with 2 locations. We will return to our roots in the backyard of the Woods with a satellite distribution site across the street from where we have been the past 2 years because of COVID closures. Info linked below!

2022 Distribution Locations: Members will choose one pickup location for entire season:

DOLLYS SWING & DIVE: 5-8pm at 101 Kent Ave/58 N8th

THE WOODS: 630-9pm in the backyard of 48 S4th

Get LOCA LOCAL on MONDAYS w/ SOUTHSIDE CSA. Every Monday evening from May thru November. Choose from a pick-up in either the SOUTHSIDE or NORTHSIDE of WILLIAMSBURG BROOKLYN. After 2 years of distributing at BIBA, Southside CSA returns to the backyard at The Woods. We will also be hosting a satellite distribution up in the Northside, across the street from BIBA in our new satellite at Dollys Swing & Dive.

THE WOODS – 48 S4th – Mondays from 630-9pm: Not only are we back in their most amazing backyard space we have extended the pickup time a smidge to 9pm.

DOLLYS SWING & DIVE – Mondays from 5-8pm: For 2 years we took refuge from COVID closures up at BIBA. Something new is happening in the space, but we will be distributing across the street from the garage & N8th Street Shed of Dolly’s Swing N’ Dive at 101 Kent Avenue. This is our first experiment in dual locations.

2022 ON SALE NOW!!

No fooling, we have launched the sign-up form at last!

The Season Calendar:2022 Harvest Calenndar

Pricing: 2022 PRICING INFO


A few things you might want to know:

Saving you $: The earlier you sign-up and pay, the lower your Admin fee! We have a special Farmer’s Hero deal happening with an Admin fee of only $10 if you pay by April 3rd. This can be further reduced by $5 if you pay CASH or Zelle. You will need to sign up by Sat. April 2nd in order to take advantage of this deal! There are 3 other options of paying before the season starts – the closer you get to the beginning of May, the more it costs, so sign up quickly! ADMIN FEE + PAYMENT PLAN INFO LINKED HERE

Also, the earlier you sign up for Veg & Berry, the more you get for your money. Our Berry farmer does not pro-rate his shares, so if you wait to sign up until after the season has started, you don’t get as much for your $. He is our asparagus supplier, so he also provides the first weeks of Veggie – no pro rating for those weeks either. Just something to keep in mind. Don’t wait to sign up & lose out!

Sign-up Cut Off: In the past we have ordered extra shares and allowed people to continue to sign up late into the season. This meant in order to have enough $ to pay for the shares we needed to sell the extras each week, which was both a pain AND if they didn’t all sell, Ryan (our main organizer) ended up footing the bill. In order to prevent this we will only take orders through the end of May. Sign-up now so you don’t miss out!

Donations: you can help us donate shares to the Southside Mission and Community Fridges. There’s a place on the Sign-up form for this. We are also looking for volunteers to be in charge of fundraising. Let us know if you are interested.

Location: We are returning to our Southside home base of THE WOODS! We are planning a small satellite pick-up across the Street from BIBA at Dolly’s Swing & Dive. We need at least 15 people to sign up for this option to make it possible.

COVID: The Woods follows all govt mandates. Currently (April 5) there are no COVID rules for bars. We are recommending that people continue to wear masks during their pick-up. The Dolly’s pick up will be masks REQUIRED and will take place inside a restaurant shed on n8th & Kent and adjacent garage frontage at 58 N8th.

Delivery: We are not planning to have delivery this year. The last few COVID heavy years we felt it was an important service to provide, however, it is a huge drain on our resources. Now that COVID is a bit less prevalent, most people are vaxxed and boosted, and many people are no longer working from home, it just doesn’t make sense for us to keep it up. We are looking into whether or not a 3rd party service might be interested in helping out, but cannot guarantee that will be an option, and it will probably be more expensive. If you are interested in providing and running this service yourself, please contact us, and we would be happy to support your endeavor.

Volunteer Shifts: You will need to sign up for 2 shifts when you fill out your order. You can always change them later if you need to. There will be shifts at Dolly’s as well as The Woods. If you are interested in an admin/organizational shift, please sign-up anyway and once we confirm you, you will be able to remove one or both of your distro/driving shifts. 

Right now we really need someone to make posters for the season! Let us know if you can do it and we will send you images, info, to get you started.

The Season Calendar:2022 Harvest Calenndar

Pricing:2022 PRICING INFO



For the 1st time ever — a chance to join & be a member of the Southside CSA for the Late Summer/Fall portion of the 2021 Harvest!

Get in a Fall of cooking with some of the most fresh, clean, natural, & tasty vegetables, herbs, fruit & cider that you can imagine. Support small family farms that use sustainable farming with membership in Southside CSA. Limited shares available so SIGN UP NOW TO LOCK IN YOUR FALL OF GOOD EATIN!!


Starting the week after the Labor Day holidays, the Fall share runs the last 12 weeks of the 2021 season from Sept 13-Nov 29th. It is a combo Vegetable & Orchard share, supporting 2 amazing local farms — El MimoMex Farm & Soons Orchard. (Meat, Fish, Eggs & Berry shares all end mid-october and may be available for individual purchase at the weekly distributions but are not available as a share purchase.


In addition we have a fabulous new share that started in the summer, the Heartbreaker Flower Farm Share. Local no spray bouquets. While you can purchase them each week individually, they sell out fast. Buy a weekly or bi-weekly share and lock in your weekly sunshine in a bouquet!! The flower share runs through mid-october and is pro-rated weekly –> THIS IS THE LINK TO FLOWER SHARE GOOGLE FORM SIGN UP!

Weekly & bi-weekly shares available. Each week you get 8-10 types of vegetables & herbs each week plus a variety of local apples & the worlds best apple cider. Last year Late Summer & Fall brought us: Summer squash, Beets, Spinach, Poblano Peppers, Carrots, Leeks, Sweet Potatoes, Cilantro, Thyme, Salad mix, Red Onions, Spanish Onions, White Onions, Garlic, Dill, Red & Green Leaf Lettuce, Kabocha Pumpkins, Fairytale Pumpkins, Kale, Green Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Tomatillos, Scallions, Broccoli Rabe, Acorn Squash, HoneyCrisp Apples, Gala, Macintosh, Empire Apples and the freshest damn cider you done seen. Join us to support local farms!!

Email southsidecsa@gmail.com with any questions.

2021 ON SALE NOW!!


JOIN SOUTHSIDE CSA AND GET FRESH PICKED LOCAL PRODUCE EVERY MONDAY FROM MAY THRU NOVEMBER!! Click on the sign up tab for the link to the google form. Check out the pricing & share options. Email or DM via IG for info or with your questions!!