Week #10 — July 9th [B week]

Hip hip hooooooray for the first week of the glorious orchard share. It started off with a big score of one of our fave stone fruits.  Plums are one of NYC’s “native fruits” — early explorers of the New York area, including Giovanni da Verrazano and Henry Hudson, mentioned beach plums in their writings and Plum Island, off the North Fork of Long Island, is named after the fruit. We are stoked to be reaping a great harvest after a pretty tough growing season thanks to the cold snap after the trees had blossomed. We intend to celebrate with lots of good eating, baking, and waxing poetic about plums…

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Week #9 — July 2nd [A week]

A great pre-holiday distribution. Lots of good fodder for those picnics & bbqs on the 4th.  Continue reading

Week # 8 — June 25 [B Week]

It was the week of crazy thunderstorms. Bits of sun combined with a total deluge. We hid out under cover in the back yard. It was a bit crowded but pretty darn fun.

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Week #7 – June 18th [A week]

A great week of vegetables and berries in the backyard of the Woods…

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Week #6 – June 11th [B Week]

Aw yeah! The MimoMex vegetable share has begun. The first of 24 weeks of vegetable goodness straight from the Black Dirt region of our great state. 

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Week #5 – June 4 [A week]

Miss Mara enjoying the good life at Greig Farm

It was a wet one. Distribution was inside and we forgot the camera…Regardless, the strawberries were sweet. In fact, so were those Sugar Snap Peas. Ate most of those raw with my tamale. Life is good at distribution…

Greig Farm Share

  • 4 quarts Strawberries
  • 1 pound Sugar Snap Peas

Feather Ridge Egg Share

  • 1 dozen farm fresh eggs

Northwind Meat Share

  • Lamb Rib Chops
  • Whole Chickens
  • Ground Pork
  • 95% Lean Bull Burger
Feather Ridge Chicken Share
  • 1 fresh whole chicken

Week #4 – May 28 [B week]

Did somebody say strawberry?

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Week #3 – May 21st [A week]

It was a grey and stormy night, but things were pretty sweet at our distribution in the shadow of the old Domino factory. Sweet as strawberries…

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Week #2 – May 14th – B week

Maple Syrup in the house! Our annual maple syrup share distribution was this week. (Just in time too because we were on our last few drops of syrup from last season) It was a bit overcast, with some sprinkles of rain, but we had another smashing distribution. Great to see all of our B-weekers, the world’s cutest (and smallest) dog, and of course, our Circle C Maple farmers. It was an action packed week with us distributing 4 things: Greig Farm share, Feather Ridge Farm Egg share, Northwind Farm Meat share, & Feather Ridge Chicken share.

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Week #1 – A week

Asparagus Attack!

Southside CSA is back. Last night was Week 1 of a 29 week season. Big thanks to all our volunteers who really stepped up to the plate and volunteered during our first distribution. The first week can be a bit hectic as we find mistakes and get back into the groove of things. Everyone was really patient with my constant state of crazy!!  But all the hustle was worth it because last night was great…

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