Learn more about MimoMex Farm

MimoMex has a new website – www.mimomexfarm.com

Check it out and learn a little more about our amazing vegetable farmers!!

PS – Whose ready for a trip out to the farm??!!??

MimoMex Farm. June 2011

A few Just Food staff had the chance to go out to Orange County a couple of weeks ago and visited our fab farmers, Martin and Gaudencia. They have shared some of the pictures that they took that day.  MimoMex is looking amazing! Alright people, who is ready to help organize a trip/workday out at the farm some Sunday in August….

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News from the Farm. Pictures from MimoMex

Back on June 12th the farmers sent me these lovely photos from the field. Beautiful!

So, who is down to help plan a trip/workday out at the farm?

Red onions from the black dirt fields of MimoMex farm

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Get your Greig Farm [mostly] Berry Share quick…

Chock full of early Spring crops, the weekly distribution starts MONDAY MAY 9th!

Fall Raspberries are part of Greig farms' Berry Share. Last week of Aug 2010

Over in the Hudson Valley, snuggled in between the fields of vegetables belonging to the Hearty Roots Farm and the rows of blueberry bushes, there are some “new” fields of asparagus. This is good news for the Southside CSA because it means some new crops have been added to our Berry Share. For Year #2, Norman has added asparagus, 2 varieties of peas (English & Sugar Snap), and strawberries to the “Berry Share” and is starting 7 weeks earlier, practically doubling the share length from 13 weeks to 22 weeks.

Starting in May with asparagus, warming up with strawberries and spring raspberries in the start of June & bursting with blueberries and peas by the July 4th holiday, followed by the late summer harvest of blackberries, and rounding out with the Fall crop of rasperries, peas, and apples, the [mostly] Berry share is perfect for people who want to support a small family farm and get the freshest, most natural produce possible but don’t really cook most nights of the week. 

[Mostly] Berry shares can be purchased on their own

Or as part of our packages which can include vegetable, orchard, and/or egg shares from MimoMex Farm.

We are so excited to partner with a farm that produces some of our Spring faves. As we travel to more places upstate, we continue to come across so many small farms that are producing high quality food less than 100 miles from our kitchens in Brooklyn. A second generation farm located on beautiful sloping hills above the Hudson, Greig Farm is not only home to one of the most gorgeous apple orchards in the state, but lots of seasonal delights like asparagus & pumpkins.

Norman Grieg showing us his farm

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Field Trip to MimoMex Farm. Oct 24, 2010


Southside CSA gathers at MimoMex Farm

On one of the last weekends in October we rallied to Goshen, NY to check out MimoMex Farm and hang with Martin, Gaudencia, & the whole Rodriguez clan. One of the best reasons to be in a CSA is this direct relationship you can have with the land that produces the food that nourishes your body. Seeing the farm and digging in the dirt always heightens that connection…

Fields of Goshen

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Field trip to Greig Farm. Sept 26, 2010

pick-your-own raspberries @ Greig Farm

At the tail end of the raspberry season, a bunch of us piled into cars and drove north to check out where our berries comes from. Greig Farm is located in Red Hook, NY, which is part of Duchess County, just East of the Hudson River. We had about 4 cars full of members making the trek from Brooklyn through the gorgeous fall foliage of the Hudson Valley to see the land, pick raspberries & apples & pumpkins, and to hear more about Greig Farm.

Farmhouse & blueberry bushes @ Greig Farm

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Farm trip to MimoMex – Sunday Oct 24

Save the Date…For a trip to Mimomex Farm!

Sunday, October 24, 2010. Meet our farmers, the Rodriguez family, at their farm in Goshen, NY and tour the fields where our veggies are grown!

To secure a spot please purchase a $20 “ticket” at distribution on 11th & 18th October. Deadline to do this is 18th October. Any Qs please talk to us at distribution or email southsidecsaevents@gmail.com

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Community Event: Pick-ur-Own Trip to Greig Farm

This weekend we’re getting out of New York City and taking a field trip!

It will be just like school – there’s a time and place to meet and anyone who isn’t there on time might miss their ride.  But the difference this time is we’re heading upstate to go raspberry, apple, and pumpkin picking!  It is perfect timing to get out there before the cold weather hits and while the sun is still beaming; it’s looking to be a wonderful day out. We’re really looking forward to getting the CSA together and having an opportunity to get to know our neighbors better. Continue reading