Want to eat local this Winter?

Corn & Peppers from Winter Share. Ground Beef from Northwind Farm Meat SHare

Corn & Peppers from Winter Share. Sausage from Northwind Farm Meat Share

Eating local can be challenge during the snowy months as the produce available at farmer’s markets gets less numerous by the week.

And then this happens!

Feb 2013 Winter Share

Feb 2013 Winter Share

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Jacob-Hurwitz Member Diary for Week #8

pick up
I am a brand new member of the Southside CSA this season! After participating in CSAs in other neighborhoods with my boyfriend, we were delighted to find a CSA close to our new home on the south side. We’ve been picking up a half share of berries, vegetables, and soon fruit and we are also getting chicken. We’ve been making lots of delicious recipes from our haul including strawberry shortcake and salmon with asparagus in parchment.
pic by jacob-hurwitz

New Amsterdam Market – Sundays 11am-4pm

This is for all you foodies out there who love to hit up the Union Square market but sometimes miss the Saturday afternoon thing. The New Amsterdam Market is open just about every Sunday – 11am-4pm – till Sunday, December 19.

New Amsterdam Market

photo by Barbara Mensch

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Britain bins £12bn of food and drink every year


Image courtesy of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign

Great article on the The Guardian website today about wasted food and it’s carbon and monetary foot print.

Details of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign can be found here.


Weekly Links

Goshen, NY

Goshen, NY

Food for the Soul [NY Times]

Making the local food movement accessible [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

A Farm on Every Floor [NY Times]

$20 gasoline? There’s a bright side [Los Angeles Times]

US has wrong approach to African food security, group says [Seattle Times]

Getting Real About the High Price of Cheap Food [TIME via Yahoo! News]

Southside CSA article on one-earth.com


A sparkly new article on the Southside CSA has just been posted at One-Earth.com.

One-Earth.com is a wiki-powered website which lists solutions to everyday environmental questions such as, “where can I compost my left over greens” and “eek – where can I take this girl I want to impress who is vegan?!”

Information is organized by city and by category (such as “home solutions” and “businesses and services”). And since we all like to think we know best, my favorite element is that it works like wikipedia – you can find resources in your neighborhood for environmental businesses, organizations and events and post it yourself! Yup, a website that actually thinks its users know best – bliss!

So come on SScsa – get posting! From the numerous emails we receive, I know y’all have much to share.

This site is brilliant and will get better and better as its users post on it.


Just Food Newsletter


Hola – the JustFood newsletter has just been published – subscribe to the newsletter – more information on each topic is on the website.

In this issue:

Policy Action Alert!  Help Pass “FoodprintNYC”!

A citywide initiative on food an agriculture systems in NYC – Resolution 2049-also known as FoodprintNYC resolution – has been introduced by NYC council member Bill de Blasio. It’s designed to create greater access to local, fresh, healthy food, especially in low-income communities and city run institutions. It is also raising awareness on the impact of the NYC’s food choices on climate change – how we grow, process, package, transport, store and dispose our food.

A New and Refreshing Additional Product!

People’s Pops – hand made popsicles offered to CSAs in NYC! A tiny start up in Brooklyn, they are made from fresh fruit purchased at the Greenmarkets. Flavors change weekly and range from Blackberry, Honey and Yogurt to Sour Cherries and Strawberry.

Interested in the World of Organics?

Northeast Organics Farmer Association Conference, August 7th-9th at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus.


Deeply Rooted

deeply rootedOn yesterday’s Leonard Lopate show on WNYC was a segment about a new book , “Deeply Rooted: Unconventional Farmers in the Age of Agribusiness“.  Promo line for the segment…

A century of industrialization has created a food system riddled with problems, yet we look to nutritionists and government agencies, scientists and chefs for solutions, instead of looking to the people who grow our food. Lisa M. Hamilton profiles three unconventional farmers in her new book . She will also be joined by Teresa Podoll, one of the independent farmers she spoke with in her book.

Check out the podcast here

food in cityAlso, WNYC started a weekly series earlier in the month. Tune into the  Food in the City Series to hear chefs and writers discuss shopping, cooking, and most important –EATING!. Online you can listen to podcasts and watch videos of the guests as they take listeners to kitchens, markets, and restaurants.

Lots of yummy listening. Enjoy!