Distribution Sites


Southside CSA distributes every Monday evening from May thru November. We are going to try again this year to host 2 distribution locations! Choose from a pick-up in either the SOUTHSIDE or NORTHSIDE of WILLIAMSBURG BROOKLYN

Choose* if you would like to pick up your shares from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Twenty-Sided Event Space @ 362 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 OR 6-9pm at Dolly’s Swing & Dive @ 101 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11249. Dolly’s also has other pick-up options, as early as 3pm and after 9pm with the bartender (late pick-ups need prior arrangement), so if you need more pick-up flexibility, Dolly’s is your best bet!

We are super excited to that Twenty Sided, the crazy cool game store on Grand St, is opening up their new event space as our Southside spot. A little closer to the inland portions of the Southside and a few blocks from the Metropolitan G & L station, we are hype on this location.

Back at Dollys for year 2, although we have been over here at N8th since COVID. This year distribution will take place inside the bar with early pickup starting at 3pm and running till 9pm

*Twenty Sided vs. Dolly’s is a one time choice, not something you can change on a week to week basis.

From May to November, MONDAYS are FARM SHARE DAY
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