$$ – There is an ADMIN FEE in addition to the share price so we can be one hundred percent transparent about the money that goes to the farmers. The share prices are the monies that go directly to the farmer; the admin fee covers the basic costs of banking and the small administrative costs of printing & supplies like scales, chalk, hand-sanitizer. All labor–from accounting to distribution — is performed on a volunteer basis. Delivery fees go directly to delivery person.

Extended Payment Plans – Traditionally, farm shares collect payment in advance with the goal to get the farmer as much money as possible in the lean pre harvest months. If you pay in full immediately and/or pay in cash the admin fee is discounted because our goal is to get as much $$ as possible to the farmers ASAP.

Not everyone has savings or the income to pay a lump sum. In order to make our CSA accessible to as many people as possible some of our farmers allow us to pay a portion of the $$$ in the summer & fall so we can offer extended payment plans. By staggering our payments to some of our farmers we are able to offer monthly payment plans. CSA membership, getting hooked up with weekly deliveries of fresh, local vegetables.

Payment is made via cash, digital payment, checks, or credit card. If there is a fee associated with your payment type, it is passed back to you the consumer. For example, both credit card and some paypal payments have a fee which is added to members balance.

Note — We are still brainstorming on a way to accept EBT as payment.


  • $10 FARMER’S HERO Payment – pay in full by March 30 plus discount
  • $20 – EARLY BIRD PAYMENT – pay in full by April 15th
  • $25 – PUNCTUAL PAYMENT – pay in full by April 30th
  • $35 – DELAYED PAYMENT – pay in full by June 4th
  • $40 – EXTENDED PAYMENT PLAN – 3 payments (not including your deposit) – 1/3 by May 1st, another 1/3 payment by June 19th, & payment in full by Aug 30th.
  • $50 – MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN – 6 payments May-Oct. Please plan to pay before your first pick-up each month.

We want the CSA to be accessible for everyone so please come and discuss a customized payment plan with us if you need something different than what is listed above!

  • Penalties & Fees
    • $5 fee for missing a payment
    • $30 fee for bouncing a check – this is what our bank charges us lolz

We accept Ca$h, Check, Venmo, Paypal (+ any associated charge), Chase/Zelle/Quick Pay, & Credit Cards via Square Email Invoices (+ 3% fee).

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