Distribution Shift Logistics

Every member performs 2 volunteer shifts

– 1 distribution volunteer shift & 1 community volunteer shift

Distribution shifts run from 6-9pm

Arrive & Set-up from 6-630pm

  • Depending on when the farmer arrived, sometimes there is a a lot of crates of vegetables to move, stack, and organize right at 6pm.
  • Volunteers wipe clean the chalkboards and write up the distribution amounts for the week’s distribution.
  • Once everything is set-up, grab a drink and we will assign “jobs” for the night

Jobs from 630-830pm

  • Members will get to choose their spot for the night on a first come, first served basis.
  • There are several lists and floater positions.
    • We are running 4 – 6 different shares during each distribution. Each share has a list. Every list gets managed by a volunteer.
    • Stocking –  Continually throughout the night, the volunteers remove empty crates and keep cleaning up any mess.

Clean – Up

  • We give our members an extra five minutes to get to distribution and then start clean-up at 8:35pm.
  • We consolidate all the leftover produce into boxes or crates and bring them out to the volunteer driver’s cars.
  • If we have been on top of things, we should be out the door by 845pm-ish…

2 Responses

  1. How Many shifts are required for each type of distribution? I cannot find that anywhere on the site. Thanks

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