Feather Ridge Farm

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Our eggs were supplied by Feather Ridge Farm during the 2013 & 2012 & 2011 seasons. In 2014, Katie — the 3rd generation started her own farm, Yellow Bell Farm, and starting in 2014 she will be supplying our eggs and chicken shares under her new farm’s name. See the Yellow Bell page for more info. 

Feather Ridge Farm is nestled atop the beautiful hills of southern Columbia County, New York.

Four generations of our family have worked the land since 1938. Currently we are three generations working together.

The secret to providing you with the finest quality eggs and chicken is this… we are a start to finish operation. Starting at day 1, we raise our baby chicks on our homemade all natural feed made from local grains. Eggs are hand-gathered from nests, washed, and USDA inspected for your protection.

Their family strongly believes  in sustainable farming practices and supporting local agriculture. They are committed to always providing you with the freshest, most delicious tasting food possible.

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