Greig Farm

Norm Greig. June 2011

Greig Farmis located on 100 acres of rolling farmland in Red Hook, NY. It is a second generation family farm; Norm Greig is our amazing farmer. His father started their farm in 1942, and it was originally a dairy, wholesale apples, and wholesale & pick-your-own strawberries. Norm started farming full time in 1975. Nowadays the farm is mostly retail, with pick your own asparagus, strawberries, peas, blueberries, summer raspberries, fall raspberries, blackberries, apples and pumpkins. The harvest season at Greig farm starts in the beginning of May and finishes up  at the end of October.

Looking down the rolling acres of apple trees to Greig Farm land leased to Hearty Roots Farm

Greig Farm has made it a priority to grow the highest quality fruit and make it directly available to the public for the past 68 years. It has been open to the public for pick your own fruits and vegetables for more than 60 years and this is its second time working with a CSA. Greig Farm has always planted varieties that feature the best flavor. Nothing compares to the flavor in the field with the heat of the harvest sun on the fruit. Since they are pick your own and allow the general public to roam (& graze) the fields, they do not use systemic chemicals and chose natural predators over the chemical solution.

Asparagus field. June 2011

The Greig Farm produces 9 products for the Southside CSA. The weekly share follows the natural rise and fall of each harvest, size and total poundage of each weekly share varying depending on the weather and farming conditions. The share cant really be broken down accurately into weekly price averages but overall members pay lower than wholesale prices making it a bonanza for fruit fans!

Strawberry harvest. June 2011
Ripening blueberries. June 2011
Norm talking growing blueberries sustainably in New York
Blackberry rows. June 2011
Blackberry rows. Greig Farm. June 2011

To Brooklyn. Sept 2010
Raspberries on the farm
Greig Farm. June 2011
Talking with our farmer Norm. June 2011

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