We are very excited for the 2023 Harvest season!

IT IS OUR 14th YEAR bringing produce from some of the most stunning local family farms to Brooklyn kitchens; El MimoMex Farm in Goshen, Greig Farm in Red Hook, Northwind Farm in Tivoli, and various local NY orchards around the Catskills & Hudson Valley. By making a commitment to be a member, you are directly monetarily supporting these sustainable small family farms.

Thanks to our amazing farmers the prices are basically the same as last year. The pricing info listed below is the $$ that goes to the farmers. Reminder that there is an additional admin fee based on your chosen payment plan & a volunteer requirement. of 3 shifts over 7 months for each share group.

Our 31 week season covers the entire NYS harvest season from Spring crops to Late Fall favorites. Full shares have weekly distributions; Half shares are bi-weekly distributions on an assigned schedule

2023 Share Pricing & Packages

In 2023 we are bringing back the packages in order to make the sign up process as straightforward & simple as possible, There will be the option to select from a list of popular *packages*. This simply streamlines ordering; One can always still order everything a la carte in order to have their specific packaging of shares.

MimoMex Vegetable+ Share

The Vegetable Share runs 7 months from May 1 – Nov 27. 31 weeks total with 4-5 weeks of Asparagus from Greig Farm & 30 weeks Vegetables & Herbs from El MimoMex Farm

Full Vegetable Share – $879 Half Vegetable Share – $439.50

We dont want to miss any of the early Spring goodness that NYS farms have to offer so we start early than most CSAs. Our Vegetable share includes a month of fresh picked spring Asparagus. MimoMex thinks due to the warm winter we’ve been having that they will start 2 weeks earlier than usual, giving us an amazing 30 week season from them! Please note that Harvest time for most veggies is in the summer and fall. Early weeks will have much less produce than later in the season! First week is usually pretty small, so A weeks & B weeks are the same cost, even though you get one more A week in the month of May.

Greig Farm “Mostly Berry” Share

Our “Berry” Share is the fantastically fresh no-spray share curated by what is growing in sustainable fields of Greig Farm running 5 1/2 months of fruits from May 1 – Oct. 9th.

Full Berry Share – $540. Half Berry Share – $270

First month or so is really a bonus and will be mostly asparagus and maybe some frozen berries until the Strawberries ripen in June. This share follows the growing season at Greig Farm –24 weeks of Asparagus, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Apples, Pumpkins and decorative gourds. Sometimes other items depending on weather/harvest. For example, we had peaches in 2021, but no pumpkins due to weather issues.

NYS Orchard Share

The NYS Orchard Share is our local tree fruit share that runs 24 Weeks from Jun. 19th – Nov. 27th. Sourced from local orchards & farms in the Catskills & Hudson Valley. Cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, pears, apples, apple cider, etc.

Full Orchard Share – $360 Half Orchard Share – $180

Northwind Farms Egg Share

Northwind Free-Range EGG Share (24 Weeks: May 1 – Oct. 9)
The most divine eggs inn the world!! For $7 a dozen!! You can buy dozens monthly, bi-weekly, weekly and even multiple dozens per week as an add on, if you want more.

24 week Full Egg Share $168

12 week Half Egg Share $84 6 week Monthly Egg Share $42


Norm, our Berry farmer, is kind enough to transport down meat, chicken and eggs from his neighbors at Northwind Farm. Whole Chicken Shares and Northwind Farm Meat shares are available B week only so over the almost six months of the share there are 12, 6 or 3 week shares available in both regular or large sizes. In addition, Norm transports fish shares from Pura Vida Fisheries. Fish shares are available weekly over the first 24 weeks of the season. Full or half share

Northwind Farm Chicken Share

Whole Chicken Shares – Beautiful birds like you have never seen! Bi-weekly Whole Chickens/12week Full share – $240; Monthly Whole Chicken/6week Half Share – $120

Northwind Farm Meat Share

Large size is approximately 10-12 pounds of meat at each distribution. Regular size is approximately 8-10 pounds of meat at each distribution. Choose from a selection of Full Farm, Poultry or an individualized custom share (for example: no pork) $100 per week for Large shares and $85 per week for Regular shares. 12, 6 or 3 week shares.

Pura Vida Fisheries

Weekly or bi-weekly shares. Fresh & Frozen; wide variety of local fish & shellfish. Full 24 week Fish Share $40 and 12 week Half Share $240

Heartbreaker Flower Farm Share

Heartbreaker Flower Farm Share is coming back for their third season. Just fleshing out the final dates.

Southside CSA Share Packages

  • $1,947 – Full Monty Deluxe : Full Veg, Full Orchard, Full Berry, & Full Egg
  • $1,779 – Vegan Deluxe: Full Veg, Full Orchard, & Full Berry
  • $1,587 – Berry Monty: Full Veg, Full Berry, & Full Egg
  • $1,419 – Veggie Deluxe: Full Veg & Full Berry
  • $1,407 – Full Monty: Full Veg, Full Orchard, & Full Egg
  • $1,239 – Vegan: Full Veg, & Full Orchard
  • $1,068 – Bakers Delight Deluxe: Full Orchard, Full Berry, & Full Egg
  • $973.50 – Half Monty Deluxe: Half Veg, Half Orchard, Half Berry, & Half Egg
  • $889.50 – Half Vegan Deluxe: Half Veg, Half Orchard, & Half Berry
  • $793.50 – Half Berry Monty: Half Veg, Half Berry, & Half egg
  • $709.50 – Half Veggie Deluxe: Half Veg & Half Berry
  • $708 – Baker’s Delight: Full Berry, & Full Egg
  • $703.50 – Half Monty: Half Veg, Half Orchard, & Half Egg
  • $619.50 – Half Vegan: Half Veg, & Half Orchard
  • $534 – Half Baker’s Delight Deluxe: Half Orchard, Half Berry, & Half Egg
  • $528 – Baker’s Tree Delight: Full Orchard, & Full Egg
  • $354 – Half Baker’s Delight: Half Berry, & Half Egg
  • $264 – Half Baker’s Tree Delight: Half Orchard, & Half Egg

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