We are very excited for the 2021 Harvest season. IT IS OUR 12th YEAR bringing produce from some of the most amazing local family farms to Brooklyn kitchens. By making a commitment to be a member you support sustainable agriculture & small family farms. This year will be our longest year ever with a 31 week season. Vegetable shares will run from May to November sharing the entire growing season from the asparagus & Spring greens to the late fall Winter squash & potatoes. And of course who can forget the sweet summer corn & freshly picked strawberries of summer!! Our orchard share has expanded as well to hit the entire tree fruit season.

The pricing info = the $$ that goes to the farmers. There is an additional admin fee based on payment plan & a volunteer requirement.

Full shares have weekly distributions; Half shares are bi-weekly distributions on an assigned schedule

Sign-Ups for 2021 Harvest Season via Sign-up! Page

Members picking up pre COVID days; Vegetables & Eggs looking spiffy
  • Vegetable Share
    • From Spring to Late Fall
    • 31 weeks: May 3- Nov 29
    • 28 weeks from El MimoMex Farm; 5 weeks Asparagus from Greig Farm
    • Full- $753
      • Half A 16 Weeks – $379 (incudes a bonus week of asparagus)
      • Half B 15 Weeks – $374 (one less week asparagus)
  • Berry*Mostly*Berry Share
    • 24 weeks: May 3- Oct 11
    • Follows the growing season at Greig Farm. Asparagus, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Apples, Pumpkins. Sometimes other items depending on weather/harvest.
    • Full – $540; Half – $270
  • NY Orchard Share
    • 24 weeks: June 21- Nov 29
    • This is a local tree fruit share. Sourced from several local orchards & farms. June to Aug from several Hudson Valley farms. Sept to Nov from Soons Orchard. Cherries, plums, apricots, peaches, pears, apples, apple cider
    • Full- $336; Half – $168
  • Yellow Bell Farm Egg Share
    • 24 weeks: May 3 – Oct 11
    • Full- $132; Half – $66; Monthly – $33
  • Yellow Bell Chicken Share
    • 24 weeks: May 3 – Oct 11
    • Full – $480; Half – $240
    • Whole chicken . Farm butchers on Mondays & Wednesdays so our chickens are freshly slaughtered within the week and frozen. Defrost or store in freezer.
  • Pura Vida Fish Share
    • 24 weeks: May 3  – Oct 11
    • Full – $480; Half – $240
    • Mostly fresh. Sometimes frozen depending on storms & whatnot
  • Northwind Farm Meat Share
    • Runs from May 3 – Oct 11 on the B week. We will have bi-weekly distributions of Meat Shares. We must have a minimum of 7 shares so Meat shares will all be scheduled for B week
    • Bi Weekly Large – $1200
      • 10-12 lbs every other week 
    • Bi- weekly Regular – $1020
      • 8-10 lbs every other week
    • Monthly Share – $600
      •  6 Monthly deliveries 
    • Product options
      • Full Farm: We are so lucky to be partnered with a farm that raises a wonderful variety of animals. The Full farm share includes all raw as well seasoned sausages and smoked meats. Natural pasture raised beef, pork, poultry, turkey, duck, goat, quail, lamb and guinea hens Types of things that come in the full farm share: Prime steaks, pork chops, lamb chops ground lamb, stew lamb, butterfly 1/2 shoulder lamb, chicken breast, whole chickens, chicken thighs, chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, Cornish hens, Poussins, boneless turkey breast, ducks, brisket, beef short ribs, beef shanks, family steaks, lamb shanks, turkey thighs, turkey drumsticks, pork ham hocks, assorted beef roasts
      • Poultry:  The poultry share includes a variety of poultry. Chicken, ducks, Poussins, & guinea hens. Types of things that come in the Poultry share: Whole chickens, whole ducks, whole Poussins, Cornish hens, chicken breasts, chicken thighs, chicken wings, ground turkey, boneless turkey breast, etc.
      • Custom: Do you have a food allergy or restrictive diet, like no pork or no beef? Certain cuts you love to eat; stuff you don’t eat. Our farmers can create a custom share that does not include pork or beef or items you are allergic to/don’t like. Also if any member prefers all beef or all pork that can also be done.
  • Yellow Bell Farm Chicken Bone Broth
    • 1 frozen bag of homemade bone broth
      • 24 WEEKLY – $240
      • 12 BI-WEEKLY – $120
      • 6 MONTHLY – $60
  • Circle C Maple
    • THIS IS NOT A WEEKLY DELIVERY! It is a *one-time* purchase, delivered in June. If it is a hopping season, we have a second distribution in the Fall. Typically have 3 flavors (Amber, Dark, Very Dark) to choose from but it all depends on the weather….
      • GALLON – $57
      • 1/2 Gallon – $32
      • Quart – $19
      • Pint – $11
      • Half Pint – $7
      • 3.4 oz – $3.50
  • Also have fancy bourbon infused Maple in glass jars 
    • Quart – $33
    • Pint – $19



For more information, there is a detailed description of the shares:

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