Extended Payment Plans

share2 - pic by mark yearsley

Want to get hooked up with fresh, local vegetables this Summer but don’t have the cash flow to pay for it all up front?  We want to be sure that our CSA is open to everyone, no matter what their income is. Therefore – we have set up a system of extended payment plans in the hopes that everyone will be able to enjoy the beauty of Southside CSA membership.

Basically, you can divide your payments into a variety of options:

  • Early Bird – 1 Payment in full at sign up = Share Price + $25 Admin fee
  • Extended – 2 payments; Deposit of 50% in June + Payment in full by July 31 = $40 admin fee
  • Extended 3 Payments – Deposit of 1/3 at sign up, July payment, and Aug payment in full by Aug 28 = $45 admin fee
  • Extended 4 payments – Deposit of 20% as June payment, July payment,  August payment & September Payment. Balance due by Sept 25– $50 admin fee
  • PLEASE NOTE – we want the CSA to be accessible for everyone so please come and discuss a customized payment plan with us if you need something different than what is listed above
  • Penalties & Fees
    • $15 fee for missing a payment
    • $30 fee for bouncing a check

We accept Ca$h, Check, Chase Quick Pay, and Credit Cards (+ 3% fee)

Let us know if you have any questions about payment, shoot us an email: southsidecsa@gmail.com

pic by ryan kuonen

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  2. […] Info on Extended Payment Plans […]

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