Whole & Half Shares…

Distribution June 2013

Distribution June 2013

Southside CSA offers lots of share types – Vegetable, Berry, Orchard, Egg, Maple, Meat, and Chicken Shares. You can pick up either every week (Full) or bi-weekly (Half); You can purchase all or just a few of share types.

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CSA fun

pic by ryan kuonenThere are pros & cons to full shares and half shares. We encourage full shares because you are guaranteed to see the entire season. Weather and crop failures are less of an issue because you pick up every week. Weather can have a dramatic effect on the amount of berries or the types of vegetables that you see in your share. If a full share is too much food for your household or cooking style, we recommend finding share partners – neighbors, friends, co-workers. It can be a real fun and economical way to experience a CSA. Not to mention that is makes pick-up so much more fun with friends — or easy for people with super busy schedules.  We can also help partner you up with strangers that are also looking for someone to share with.

Members splitting up their shares

Splitting shares

045Half shares mean you pick up that share every other week. You are given a schedule — either A week or B week and you get that share on the designated week. If you are out of town on a designated week you can have friends pick up for you or try and find another member to swap weeks with you via the Southside CSA Facebook page. Because the amount that is harvested is totally dependent on sun, temperature, and rain — sometimes a week’s haul of berries can be smaller or a type of vegetable will only be available for an odd number of weeks. However, some people find half shares to be the perfect option for their lifestyle.

Share partners splitting up the weekly haul

Share partners splitting up the weekly haul

Beautiful pic by CSA Volunteer

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