Yellow Bell Farm Egg Share


2018 will be our fifth season offering the Yellow Bell Farm Egg Share. Katie has been our egg farmer since 2012 but she started her own farm, Yellow Bell, in 2014.

The share size is one dozen per distribution.

The eggs are free running,  brown, omega 3 eggs. They come  in all sizes.

Omega 3’s are essential for a healthy body and mind. The Western diet often lacks Omega 3’s. Studies suggest consuming Omega 3’s daily aid in prevention of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and depression.

One Large Omega 3 Egg contains:

• 350 mg of Omega 3’s per egg!
• 160 mg of DHA omega 3’s
• 6x more vitamin E than an ordinary egg.

Flaxseed and alfalfa in the Feather Ridge Farm flocks diet creates these beneficial Omega 3’s. Delicious and super nutritious!

yellow bell

Eggs in a Cup

Eggs in a Cup

Egg Pasta

Egg Pasta

egginbowl pic by jenna telesca


pic by georgie greville






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