Although the dark days of Winter are still far on the horizon, it’s time to think about stocking up on the bountiful harvest.

Sign ups are OPEN for the 2014-2015 Winter Season

Tues Dec 16, Jan 20, Feb 17, March 17 & April 21

Location & Time: 5-8pm @ Cafe Biba – 101 Kent Ave (Corner of N8th)

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Here at the Southside CSA, it is time to sign up for the Winter Share. We are super stoked to be doing the Winter Share again with Winter Sun Farms. For more information about the farm, the mission, and the produce check out the blog post from our first year- “Winter Share”. This year, we will also be offering an Egg share from a Hudson Valley farm running through the entire Winter & Spring.

Fresh greens in Feb is so fab!

Winter Sun Farms Share

Distribution dates: Third Tuesdays –  12/17, 1/21, 2/18, 3/18, 4/15.

Location & Time: 5-8pm @ Cafe Biba – 101 Kent Ave (Corner of N8th – across the street from East River State Park)

Info: The Winter Share is different and similar from our Harvest Season Share. Both are great economical ways to get high quality, fresh, healthy produce; both are 100% local, grown from the fertile Hudson Valley & Upstate farms; both are based on the idea of supporting small farms with upfront capital and supporting the whole damn project with volunteer hours. However, the Winter Share has distributions MONTHLY (not weekly) and consists mostly of produce frozen during the height harvest times–the pea shoots are fresh and the tomatoes come canned!!

In addition to the vegetables, we have egg shares, meat shares, and beer shares.


(Please note, all share members will receive an additional $20 admin fee not included in any of the following prices)


1 Winter Share* — $142
2 Winter Shares– $284
3 Winter Shares — $426
4 Winter Shares — $568
(FYI – You can order as many winter shares as you want… If we order over 40 shares in total, the price will reduce by $10 to $132. If we get enough orders to trigger the discount, members will be refunded the $$)


1 Dozen Eggs — $28.75
2 Dozen Eggs — $57.50
3 Dozen Eggs — $86.25
4 Dozen Eggs — $115


Get a monthly dose of local, sustainable, hand-crafted beer for 6 months — December through May (Please note, beer goes 1 month longer than the rest of the winter shares….)

Membership Fees for 6 months; Price includes $20 bottle deposit. Bring back your bottles and get a $20 growler at the end of the season

$100 for Basic membership plan* – 3 frothy brews in 22-oz bottles per month
$200 for the Connoisseur membership plan* – a half case of six 22-oz bottles per month
$300 for the Snob membership plan* – a case of twelve 22oz bottles per month


Half share – $275 — 6-8 lbs of different meats per month ($55 per distro)
Whole share — $375 — 10-12 lbs of different meats per month ($75 per distro)

Check out Jan 2014 Meat share for an idea of what is what….

Jan 2013 Winter SHare

Jan 2013 Winter SHare

What is in a Winter Share? A share typically consists of 7 items. 6 of these items tend to be frozen or canned; 1 item is a bag of fresh micro-greens. There are 5 monthly distributions — Dec, Jan, Feb, March & April. Each month the share items vary, rotating between the various crops frozen from the farms of NY. Each package comes labeled with the name of the fruit or vegetable & name of the farm.Things that will fill your share: heirloom tomatoes, mixes of diced red, green, & yellow peppers, whole raspberries, whole blueberries,whole blackberries,  broccoli florets, cauliflower, sweet corn, green beans, butternut squash puree, fall greens mix & edamame to name a few.

Jan 2013 Winter Share

Jan 2013 Winter Share

Check SUBJECTS & TAGS  for posts about the winter share – recipes, pics and info!

  • How many people will a Winter Share feed? A single Winter Share is not meant to feed a house all Winter; it is meant to help keep your Brooklyn kitchen connected with a local food source. A typical share can be used to supplement 3-4 meals; Of course, it all really depends on how you cook.
  • Can you buy more than 1 base share per household? Of course! Our household found the Winter Share to be such a great boost in our Winter cooking repertoire that we will be buying several.
  • When can I sign up? During distribution every Monday from 630-830pm at The Woods (48 S4th). Or set up an appointment by emailing

Local eggs will light up your Winter Kitchen!

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