Member Diary- Kaitlyn’s October 1st Share

We got a lot of delicious goodies this week, like potatoes, bell peppers, lemongrass, acorn squash, pears, apples, lettuce, collards…. Acorn squash works exceptionally well as a “bowl” for thick stews or rice pilafs.   For a seductive and hearty stew, cut the top (stem end) of the squash off (like cutting off the “lid” ofContinue reading “Member Diary- Kaitlyn’s October 1st Share”

Member Diary- Katerina’s September 3rd Share

This is our fourth year as CSA members.  We have a Full Monty share.  Each year it gets easier.  By now we pretty much know what to do with everything and rarely get surprised by new vegetables.  We cook mainly vegan at home (no meat, fish or dairy), but love the “happy” eggs we getContinue reading “Member Diary- Katerina’s September 3rd Share”

Member Diary #14 – Lucas & Ali

This weeks goodies: I was a little worried about doing the member diary this week, as at the last minute Lucas had to go away for work which left me on my lonesome with all this fruit & vege to consume, to get creative with & to write about! Not the worst task in theContinue reading “Member Diary #14 – Lucas & Ali”