COUGAR Member Diary

In the five years we’ve been Southside CSA members, we’ve frequently planned a fall dinner party in order to share some of our haul and try out some more ambitious dishes to share in our blog post.  This year we did have a party, but one of an entirely different sort. Since we welcomed Elias,Continue reading “COUGAR Member Diary”

Dana & Zoe Member Diary – Week of Sept 29

My Husband and I have half shares of vegetable, orchard, berry, egg and meat. Below is an example of how we use up all of the goodness!! Monday night:To tired to cook, so we spent the evening sorting our share and eating leftovers- corn and turkey leg stuffed poblano peppers with tomatillo salsa.

Member Diary – B Week Berry + Eggs by Lara

Blog entry for a Half Share of MONTY DELUXE — Week B. Pick up date: May 12, 2014 — Week 2 of Summer ’14! The half share means I only pick up every other week. My share is just for me, & a few lucky friends who occasionally get what I can’t finish 🙂 The SummerContinue reading “Member Diary – B Week Berry + Eggs by Lara”