Package Spotlight – Just Jammin’

We organize the shares offered at Southside  CSA into packages. This helps us volunteers keep things organized while meeting our farmer’s sales needs. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get whatever type of package your heart desires. We have crafted a big variety of packages — Full Share Packages & Mixed Full -HalfContinue reading “Package Spotlight – Just Jammin’”

LEGS Member Diary for Week #6

This is our 5th year with the delicious and lovely Southside CSA- we are a 2 person (soon to be 3) operation and get the Full Monty Deluxe. Now that I am pregnant, I am more grateful than ever to have access to amazing quality eggs, fruit and produce from a such a reliable source.Continue reading “LEGS Member Diary for Week #6”

BEAR Member Diary for Week #2

First CSA pick-up: My husband and I have talked a lot about joining a CSA, but this is the first time we’ve actually done it. Pick-up was too far away, or on the wrong days, or we waited too long to sign up until everything was sold out. Last year I watched one of myContinue reading “BEAR Member Diary for Week #2”

Member Diary #3B: Tamara

Hi Fellow Southside CSAers, I’m Tamara and I split a ‘just veggie’ and an ‘empire’ share -which comes to the same thing as a Vegan’s Deluxe ,which in my mind I’ve been calling a vegan’s delight – with my boyfriend and our 17th month old son Meshak. We aren’t strictly vegans but we eat aContinue reading “Member Diary #3B: Tamara”

Member Diary #3A: Jessica M.

Hi!  My name is Jessica and my boyfriend Jack & I chose the Berry Monte share with Southside CSA.  This is our first try with any CSA, ever.  We are pretty excited because our list of favorite things to do includes: Go to metal shows, be really loud, drink beer, and cook really good foodContinue reading “Member Diary #3A: Jessica M.”

Member Diary #2- 801 Driggs

We split the full monty deluxe and an extra dozen eggs between two households. Last week, our share included eggs and asparagus. Early in the season, the size of the share is on the smaller side – i.e., enough asparagus for two adults to eat as a side at 2 or 3 meals.

Member Diary #1- Laura S.

Hi! We are a family of 3 living on the Southside. This is our first year with the Southside CSA and so far we LOVE it! We picked up asparagus from the Grieg Farm share and eggs the first week of distribution (can’t wait for the rest of the goodies to arrive in the comingContinue reading “Member Diary #1- Laura S.”

Week #1 – A week

Southside CSA is back. Last night was Week 1 of a 29 week season. Big thanks to all our volunteers who really stepped up to the plate and volunteered during our first distribution. The first week can be a bit hectic as we find mistakes and get back into the groove of things. Everyone was reallyContinue reading “Week #1 – A week”

Member Diary: Week #3: Hella Rad

Let’s get pickled! We’ve grilled it, baked it, and even enjoyed it raw.  But after three weeks of funny smelling pee we needed a break.   This was the perfect time to try our hand at pickling.    We purchased a case of Ball Regular Mason Canning Jars from Amazon for $20 and brushed up on theContinue reading “Member Diary: Week #3: Hella Rad”