Member Diary #3A: Jessica M.

Hi!  My name is Jessica and my boyfriend Jack & I chose the Berry Monte share with Southside CSA.  This is our first try with any CSA, ever.  We are pretty excited because our list of favorite things to do includes: Go to metal shows, be really loud, drink beer, and cook really good food with our friends.  My boyfriend is doing the whole Paleo thing right now (aka “the caveman diet”) so we were excited to get our veggie/egg/berries in surplus this summer.

When we went to pickup on Monday the 21st, it was a rainy evening; so all distribution was moved indoors.  But that didn’t mean we weren’t absolutely stoked – Strawberries!  The first of the season!

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What’s Cooking? Recipe tips from local kitchens…

Stocked pantry!

As the harvest season continues to crescendo, we continue to cook up a storm with our ever growing supply of local produce. Addicted to delicious fresh food, we amplify our Southside CSA share with trips to farmers markets. Check out whats cooking in our kitchen…

chopping veg

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Member Diary #13 — Heather

Our member diary this week comes from Heather. Her post GRILL CITY on her blog i grew this is beyond inspiration to take those CSA fruit & veggies and rock out a few more bbqs. Sadly for BK, Heather has taken off for a big adventure on a farm in Idaho. Bon Voyage! Cant wait to read all about your western gardening!

Bringing back the Buckle…

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Scapes – what is a girl to do?

MimoMex Garlic Scapes; Gorgeous & Delicioso

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4th of July BBQ

by Howard

by Howard

If you are around this holiday, come join us for some local BBQ action.

We will be rocking a little grill @ Williamsburg Walks on our block between N8th & N9th and would love for you to come on down and throw something into the mix. It is BYOE (as in bring your own everything) but will probably turn into a bit of a potluck picnic. We should be on the street sometime between 1 and 2pm and will be there with blankets to spare until after sunset. Think a pedestrianized Bedford, local veggies, italian sausages, card games, and people watching. Sounds like a good time…especially if you get a slice of my patriotic rhubarb & blueberry bread pudding. (red, white, blue & yummy!)