Member Diary #6: George & Melissa- June 18th Share

This is our third year with Southside CSA and the coming of the new season has become one of the most exciting parts of our year!  We are a couple sharing a half monty, including veggie, orchard, and egg share, as well as a half berry and half chicken share.  We did do the meatContinue reading “Member Diary #6: George & Melissa- June 18th Share”

Week #5 – June 4 [A week]

It was a wet one. Distribution was inside and we forgot the camera…Regardless, the strawberries were sweet. In fact, so were those Sugar Snap Peas. Ate most of those raw with my tamale. Life is good at distribution… Greig Farm Share 4 quarts Strawberries 1 pound Sugar Snap Peas Feather Ridge Egg Share 1 dozenContinue reading “Week #5 – June 4 [A week]”

[even more] stuffed inspiration plus berry fruity drinks

Last night was one of the best and most rewarding meals I’ve ever made. Knowing that 50% of my ingredients came from a local farm made me so happy and this farm share has changed my life! 🙂 I was never much of a cooker so this is a huge step for me! Thanks Southside CSA! – Ruth Blueberry,Continue reading “[even more] stuffed inspiration plus berry fruity drinks”