June 23 – B week – week 8 of 30

MimoMex Vegetable Share 1lb sweet peas 1bag flor de calabaza (squash blossoms) (use them in a frittata, a soup, quesadillas, or stuffed with cheese, battered and fried) 2 white onions 3 green onions 4 garlic bulbs 1 bunch mizuna 1 bunch sweet chard 1 lb salad mix Greig Farm Berry Share 4 quarts strawberries YellowContinue reading “June 23 – B week – week 8 of 30”

January Northwind Farm Meat Share

Thanks to James who drives down to the city to bring us his beer, we have a Winter Meat Share. Monthly deliveries sized as half or whole shares. This month’s delightful delivery : Half Share Pair of Poussins Chorizo Sausage Pork Chops Ground Pork Turkey Cutlets *¬†Looks good? We had the unfortunate experience of beingContinue reading “January Northwind Farm Meat Share”

Ricker Family Member Diary Week #13

We’ve been members of Southside CSA since its founding (6 years?) but this is our first Member Diary! We are a family of three and we pick up a veggie share every week with meat and eggs every other week. This week we were super excited to see corn cobs at The Woods for theContinue reading “Ricker Family Member Diary Week #13”