Member Diary #21 – M&C

We’re two households of two each, and we’ve been sharing the full Domino plan, full orchard and half eggs.  Usually, we meet up at the share on Monday nights, divvy up the goods (or arm-wrestle for the things that can’t be easily divided), grab a drink and talk shop, then return to our respective abodes to cook like fiends.  But recently our schedules have made it so we had to switch weeks, with each household taking turns with the entire share.  Thus, both households are ponying up for this post, with some items from the previous week’s share.  So this is more of an example of how many meals you can get out of 2 weeks of a share like ours.  It’s a two-fer Monday, good times!

The Nov 1 share looked like this:

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Radish, outside the salad bowl

MimoMex Red Radish

After distribution, we were chatting about our veggies at my house. My roommate wanted to know if there were any good ways to use our radishes besides in a salad. Continue reading

Wine of the week

Peconic Bay Chardonnay

This week we will be sampling a 2006 steel fermented Chardonnay from Peconic Bay Winery.

Peconic Bay Winery is based in the mild climate of Cutchogue on the North Fork of Long Island, which brags the most days of sunshine and the longest growing season from any town in New York State.

From the winery: “This wine represents a blend of 2 different clones of the Chardonnay vine. Each clone contributes its own distinct varietal aroma that changes as a result of the blend. The aromatic profile of clone 124 consists of orange peel, pear and tropical fruits. The clone from our 27 year old vines contributes an enticing lemongrass aroma. They all meld together to produce a complex, yet balanced wine that has never seen the inside of an oak barrel. The result is softness on the palate and a showcase for the natural variability of this ubiquitous white grape. The fresh acidity of this wine enables it to pair well with delicate seafood dishes in acidic sauces. Examples include raw clams and oysters, squid, bass and trout.”


Peconic Bay Vineyard