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Greig Farm "Berry" Share 2011

Greig Farm “Berry” Share 2011

We organize the shares offered at Southside  CSA into packages. This helps us volunteers keep things organized while meeting our farmer’s sales needs. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get whatever type of package your heart desires. We have crafted a big variety of packages — Full Share Packages & Mixed Full -Half Share Packages & Half Share Packages. We tried to make that list complete BUT if you don’t see the combo that fits your needs, let us know what you would like to purchase. At this point we can pretty much put together any type of combination.









Another great package for the person that likes to eat local fruit, especially berries, but can’t commit to cooking up all those vegetables. The Just Jammin’ Package is a Full Share of the Greig Farm Share which consists of mostly berries. Greig Farm is a pick your own farm in Red Hook. Norm grows asparagus, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, and pumpkins. All are grown without any spraying of any sort of pesticides — not even the natural types approved under the organic moniker. He grows with the ideal that one can walk out into the field, pick the ripest, plumpest berry and pop it right into your mouth without worrying about washing anything off. This share is unlike our other shares in that it follows exactly the ebb and flow of the season, the amount arriving directly related to what is ripe on Monday morning, to the weather, the season, all the factors that can alter a local harvest. 

Blueberries & Yellow Raspberries

Blueberries & Yellow Raspberries

Greig Farm Share 2011




Greig Farm Share 2011


With all these berries, you can top your morning cereal, bake up a slew of pies, and rock out jams that will make your grandma proud. Experiment with pickled asparagus,  rock out strawberry chamomile jams & blueberry maple butters, make your friends swoon by bringing raspberry sorbet to those summer bbqs, stock your pantry with blackberry chutney, and master that apple pumpkin pie by the time the holidays roll around. This share is beyond perfect if you want to enjoy some of the local Hudson Valley harvest, be a part of the Southside CSA, improve your culinary skills, and upgrade your health with a weekly dose of nature’s candy.

Mo's Strawberry Jam

Mo’s Strawberry Jam



Apple Pie!

Apple Pie!

Meeshka Member Diary – Apples, Strawberries & Squash

greigfarmstrawberry pic by Mo Kim
Meeshka Share Family shares with us some yummy recipes for all those apples, strawberries in the freezer, and squash you have piling up on the counter….

We be jammin’

1st jamming session of the season

We busted out the jam pot and made our first jam of the season. Strawberry jam!  The batch turned out so deliciously red that i started thinking about getting a start on my Christmas jamming. Strawberry and rhubarb jam are such a great red color that they are beyond beautiful gifts. Plus they are such a sweet surprise in December.  Inspiration to follow…

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Recipe: Red Onion Marmalade & Pickled Red Onions

Red Onions by MimoMex Farm. Marmalade by the Fox.

I was asked by a member if i had any good ideas for using up copious amounts of red onions in a jiffy. With Thanksgiving on the horizon,  I can think of no better idea than to put up a batch of marmalade or pickles. Both rock out, both are great additions to our harvest meals, and both are pretty easy cooking.

There are lots of good recipes for Red Onion Marmalade on the internet. It is a pretty basic savory jam type thing. Miss Fox made us a batch back in July for our big bbq on the 4th using a recipe from her vault of British classics. Here are a few gems i found online:

Pickled Red Onions are one of the best accoutrements to a big family style meal. Almost as necessary as gravy! They also make great additions to salads,grains, legumes, tacos, sandwiches, and for just plain snacking. They take crackers & cheese to fabulous places. Chef Ann made a big batch for one of the Soup Kitchen Supper Clubs and it was divine. Her recipe of choice is from the essential “Joy of Pickling”. (You should really own this book if you fancy pickles!) Lots of resources on the internet for pickling:

As you can see, both the marmalade and the pickle recipes can flux to your own tastes. Get creative with what you  like and what yo have stocked in your pantry. Also, they both have a refrigerated shelf life of 6 months, so neither HAS TO be canned. However, they make great gifts at winter potlucks and for the holidays so canning up a bunch is a great idea for the motivated sort.

Hudson Valley Bluberry Jam with Rosemary

So, apparently Ryan and Yo made some amazing blueberry-rosemary jam last week. I was green with envy and so decided to try it out myself. This is totally their recipe y’all – I am fully admitting that up front.<!

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Beautiful Berries!

This year for the first time EVER at Southside we are offering the fruitylicious Berry Share. For 13 weeks this summer from July to September Grieg Farm will be picking blackberries, blueberries and red and yellow raspberries first thing in the morning and delivering them to our CSA in the afternoon. That’s right folks – they will be oh but a few hours old.

Last year we got a few deliveries of berries, but whenever they reared their little berry heads, we were all super excited. SO excited in fact that we thought a whole share devote to berries would be just the ticket in 2010.

We will be running a workshop on jam making and canning which will easily swallow half your entire berry share. We will also receive a whole bunch of recipes for pies, sauces, ice creams, cocktails and other berry madness from you lot. Here are a few to get your salivary glands going…

Jellies and Jams

Ahh – the Guardian, lots of proper English recipes. Here’s one for no nonsense Jam making. And for those of you who just down right laugh at the thought of making Jam (aka, Jelly, but we’ll wean you off that term) the NY Times has kindly put together a stress free Raspberry Jam article – it apparently takes 30 mins. Totally worth a go and quite frankly if i can do it, you certainly can.

Cocktails – you can never go wrong with muddling cocktails with a variety of fresh herbs into hard-laced brown sugar and ice cubes. Cocktail Hacker have some Mojito variations with Blueberries – my kind of hackers!

Savory – Berries happily flounce-up many a savory dish. Tea-Smoked Duck Breast with Pears and Blueberry Jus – umm…anything tea-smoked gets my vote. But Roast Duck with Blueberry Sauce – that one will most certainly impress even my mother-in-law.  In fact, it seems you can make raspberry marinades & sauces for many meat dishes -how very sophisticated of you!

Sweet – But for those hazy days of summer there is many a sweet berry recipe guaranteed to tickle your fancy.

I thought blackberry lemonade would be good, but Blackberry-Lemon Tart with Champagne-Mint Granite..?! Oh, sweet berry bliss! Or Blackberry Sour Cream Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce – its just so Italiano! And then there is Puzzle Pudding with Blueberries & Strawberries – a Nantucket favorite. I wonder if they’ve named an area of Brooklyn after Nantucket yet…

A little about the berry farm

Greig Farm is located on 100 acres of rolling farmland in Red Hook, NY. It is a second generation family farm growing quality fresh fruit and making it directly available to the public for the past 68 years. It has been open to the public for pick your own fruits and vegetables for more than 60 years and this is its second time working with a CSA. They do not use systemic chemicals and chose natural predators over the chemical solution whenever possible.

Jalapeno Maddness!

Margaret's Heirloom Tomato & Jalapeno Shares. Sept 2008.

Margaret's Heirloom Tomato & Jalapeno Shares. Sept 2008.

My kitchen can never get enough jalapenos, however, i heard a lot of gasps when people saw that there were 16 jalapenos in this week’s share. But you shouldn’t be having any fear to step up from using jalapenos as a small part of a dish to being a main component of a meal.

[Need some inspiration, check out this blow by blow blog post from the B Side Blog of her Jalapeno Cocktail Hour which includes jalapeño cornbread, jalapeño poppers, a shrimp and jalapeño salad, jalapeño-cucumber margaritas (with a candied jalapeño garnish), and a shrimp and jalapeño ceviche. Giving me some ideas for the approaching holiday weekend…]

Here are some of my favorite uses; let us know how you use your sixteen peppers…


(it is a holiday weekend after all…)




i rarely look beyond my recipe collection for salsa recipes, having been so so so satisfied by my cookbooks (Zarela’s Veracruz and red, hot, & green) but here is some good stuff i dug up from cyber-space…

And of course we can’t forget DESSERTs:

by Arden @

by Arden @


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