Wills & Sarah Member Diary – Week of Aug 25th

Wills and Sarah Share – On a mission to eat it all Except for the eggplants.  What can I say, I dont like em.  They are very pretty though, and the neighbors love em. Here is the take for the week.  Gorgeous!

Ricker Family Member Diary Week #13

We’ve been members of Southside CSA since its founding (6 years?) but this is our first Member Diary! We are a family of three and we pick up a veggie share every week with meat and eggs every other week. This week we were super excited to see corn cobs at The Woods for theContinue reading “Ricker Family Member Diary Week #13”

Kohlrabi Greek Salad

Another fantastic way our members are eating up their share. Kohlrabi, carrots, and onions by Nicole!! Kohlrabi Greek Salad Serves 1 Ingredients: 1/2 Cucumber, Diced 1/2 Medium Tomato Diced 1/2 Cup Diced Kholrabi 1/4 Cup Chopped Red Onion 2″ Square of Feta, Diced or Feta Crumbles to taste 1 TBSP Olive Oil 1/2 TBSP BalsamicContinue reading “Kohlrabi Greek Salad”

Member Diary: Berry Monty’s November 19th Share

Hi readers! Our household loves kale and sweet potatoes. For the last delivery of the season, we decided to have a super duper kale-fest. Below are a few of our favorite recipes, including two with kale. They are very quick and easy and best of all, healthy! Enjoy. THE GRAND STREET GO-TO Tonight (and most nights really) we sauteedContinue reading “Member Diary: Berry Monty’s November 19th Share”

Member Diary #5A – Crack Fox – June 4th Share

  This is our 4th year being a part of the great Southside CSA. We usually do a full veggie and egg share, but after witnessing the insane berry bounty last year, we decided to go for the Full Monty Deluxe. I cook 1-3 meals for us every day, so everything is usually eaten by my husband andContinue reading “Member Diary #5A – Crack Fox – June 4th Share”

Member Diary #3A: Jessica M.

Hi!  My name is Jessica and my boyfriend Jack & I chose the Berry Monte share with Southside CSA.  This is our first try with any CSA, ever.  We are pretty excited because our list of favorite things to do includes: Go to metal shows, be really loud, drink beer, and cook really good foodContinue reading “Member Diary #3A: Jessica M.”

¿qué es esto? PAPALO

New members have been a little confused with some of the herbs coming from MimoMex. Mexican specialty herbs like epazote, quelite, and papalo are key ingredients in some of the most delicious cuisine from Latin America and a bonus to Southside CSA shares. Not a typical part of most CSA shares, we are lucky toContinue reading “¿qué es esto? PAPALO”

Absolute Asparagus

Popular for thousands of years, asparagus was grown in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. Stories say that the ancient Romans prized the vegetable so much that they had special fleets, running it in to the tables of the privileged straight from the farm. There is also talk of it being “run” from the farms ofContinue reading “Absolute Asparagus”