Laura & Merav Member Diary


My roommate and I share our CSA which is a half share of veggies, eggs, and orchard. This is our first year doing a CSA and we have been loving it! Here’s how we’ve been using the share this week:

Monday: After picking up the share, we decided to make a quiche with the spinach, corn, red onion (from two weeks ago), and eggs from the share. I just used a quick store bought crust, then I just sauteed up the veggies and added them to the crust. Then poured a mixture of 4 whisked eggs and about a half cup of milk plus salt and pepper on top. We added some shredded cheddar cheese and cilantro on top, then baked. This is a quick and easy meal that also makes great breakfasts or lunches throughout the week. We served the quiche with a salad using the Asian mixed greens and the radishes.
Tuesday: Today we had vegetarian black bean tacos. I just used some simmered black beans and served the tacos with a salad using an ear of roasted corn, cilantro, red onion from 2 weeks ago, and a non-CSA tomato. On top I used a tomatillo salsa that I had from last week that is the recipe that you guys posted a few weeks ago. It is really yummy!
Wednesday: Tonight we had Asian rice bowls (although I served it on a plate!), kind of a mix between Japanese and Korean flavors. This meal is also a good way to use up any random vegetables you may have lying around as you can pretty much throw whatever you want in here. The base is steamed Japanese sushi rice, then I added: steamed mustard greens, sliced radishes, and a soft boiled egg all from the share, plus some sliced avocado, kimchi from a jar that I had in the fridge, and chopped scallions. I just made a dressing with miso paste, rice vinegar, and sesame oil and drizzled that on top.
Thursday: Dinner was Was leftovers tonight but I did get around to roasting my pumpkin from two weeks ago. Just roasted in the over then pureed in the food processor. I saved it in ziplocks and will keep in the freezer until I’m ready to make a pie!
image image_1

Friday and Saturday we didn’t cook. Sunday we made a soup with the other bunch of mustard greens and lamb sausage as well as some other random veggies thrown in. We served it with bread and cheese!!

image_2 image_3
So that’s our menu for the week. We still have some greens and cilantro that we’ll use up this coming week!

Dana & Zoe Member Diary – Week of Sept 29

1 our haul

My Husband and I have half shares of vegetable, orchard, berry, egg and meat. Below is an example of how we use up all of the goodness!!

Monday night:To tired to cook, so we spent the evening sorting our share and eating leftovers- corn and turkey leg stuffed poblano peppers with tomatillo salsa.

2 Roast chicken and swiss chard

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Veggie Monster Member Diary from Oct 28th Share Week

Share pic by katerina barry This week we got butternut squash, potatoes, red onions, carrots, kale, mustard greens, cilantro, parsley, popping corn, apple and apple cider.  We have a Full Monty share; We eat mostly vegan and usually have no problem getting through our fruit and vegetables each week.  This is our 5th year in the CSA, so by now there are very few surprises.  We have our favorite recipes for each vegetable that we return to each year.
Image02_SquashChickpeaCurryWith butternut squash, we pretty much always make a butternut squash and chickpea curry from Madhur Jaffrey’s wonderful “World Vegetarian” cookbook. Continue reading

Coffee & Donuts Member Diary Week #23 (Sept 30)

pic by alison buenviaje

Every Monday night, the three of us look forward to a kitchen full of locally grown vegetables from MimoMex farm. It was important to us to not only eat healthier, but to get involved in our community and support our local farms. It is always a surprise to see what we will be taking home that evening, looking forward to creating dishes using fresh and seasonal produce. To help store our vegetables, we store most items in the fruit and vegetable drawers in our refrigerator, using plastic onion and tomato savers and GreenBags that help preserve the freshness and prolong the life of our herbs and leafy greens.

With this week’s September 30th CSA share from MimoMex farm, Alison, Shaina, and Kate, aka Coffee & Donuts (more on our share name later…) used this week’s items to highlight the basket’s Mexican flavors, using the corn, cilantro, red onion, and radishes to create chicken corn enchiladas with homemade green sauce! A green enchilada sauce is hard to come by in supermarkets, so we decided to make our own! To make this super easy medium spiced green enchilada sauce, we used this week’s cilantro and red onion, and previous week’s garlic, green bell peppers, jalapenos, and one habanero pepper. We found a good base recipe online, and tweaked it to make it slightly spicier.

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VLAD Member Diary – Week #20

pic by mark yearsley

VLAD’s CSA share of veggies and meat is split between Jenny, Laura Jo , Jordan, and Marc. Laura and Jordan lived together and split one half and Jenny & Marc split the other.

pic by Mark Yearsley

share2 - pic by mark yearsley

For the week of September 9th, the CSA haul was tomatillos, swiss chard, green peppers, eggplant, mini purple eggplant, habanero peppers, tomatoes, zucchini,  and lemongrass. The meat was a bone-in pork loin, a top sirloin steak, and a chicken.

share3 - pic by mark yearsley

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Breakfast Banh Mi w/ Japanese Style Scrambled Eggs by Nicole

pic by nicole tanska

Want to try something new for breakfast? Got some eggs to use? Check out this savory breakfast banh mi from nicole. Original post over at her blog, Tiny Kitchen BK Continue reading

Banh Mi Sandwich by Nicole

photo by nicole tanska

Another amazing recipe from Nicole. Check out her fab blog  and the original post (with more gorgeous pics) over at Tiny Kitchen BK Continue reading

Membery Diary: Lara’s July 16th share

July 16th distribution,
Tonight I arrived late from work and had a huge box of fresh veggies waiting for me at the Woods, which i promptly took home and turned into a cold salad with beans to last for the week.
So, although I don’t know the exact amount of what I got, for a single person, it’s plenty for the week.
I get a full veggie share every week, and a dozen eggs every other week (which is a half share of eggs). In the summer, I rarely need to grocery shop.
There are some months as a freelancer when I have all the time in the world for cooking every night, and holding dinner parties, but this is not one of them. I’m sure lots of Brooklyners can relate.
As a freelance lighting technician on movies, I work on all kinds of shoots with great food, to not so great food, to no food at all. This particular job is loads of fun, but there is no catering. So I whipped up a few great dishes, doubled the recipes and have been throwing healthy size portions in tupperware before work every day this week.
Here was my super simple recipe for last week’s work meals:
A can of black beans, red beans, chick peas, lentils, a chopped red onion, juice from a lime, Brooklyn Salsa company’s Curry salsa
from the CSA: Chopped hot peppers, cilantro, a sweet onion, and all the other greens (not chopped, but washed and ripped into bite size leaves)
I mixed it all together in a huge bowl, added some sea salt and tossed it in the fridge.
Here are a few photos of the veggies, the cans of beans and salsa i used, the bowl of chopped goodness, and enjoying it late at night at work for a great dinner! – We were actually shooting 2 blocks from the Woods Bar, where the Southside CSA is distributed.

Recipe: Red Onion Marmalade & Pickled Red Onions

Red Onions by MimoMex Farm. Marmalade by the Fox.

I was asked by a member if i had any good ideas for using up copious amounts of red onions in a jiffy. With Thanksgiving on the horizon,  I can think of no better idea than to put up a batch of marmalade or pickles. Both rock out, both are great additions to our harvest meals, and both are pretty easy cooking.

There are lots of good recipes for Red Onion Marmalade on the internet. It is a pretty basic savory jam type thing. Miss Fox made us a batch back in July for our big bbq on the 4th using a recipe from her vault of British classics. Here are a few gems i found online:

Pickled Red Onions are one of the best accoutrements to a big family style meal. Almost as necessary as gravy! They also make great additions to salads,grains, legumes, tacos, sandwiches, and for just plain snacking. They take crackers & cheese to fabulous places. Chef Ann made a big batch for one of the Soup Kitchen Supper Clubs and it was divine. Her recipe of choice is from the essential “Joy of Pickling”. (You should really own this book if you fancy pickles!) Lots of resources on the internet for pickling:

As you can see, both the marmalade and the pickle recipes can flux to your own tastes. Get creative with what you  like and what yo have stocked in your pantry. Also, they both have a refrigerated shelf life of 6 months, so neither HAS TO be canned. However, they make great gifts at winter potlucks and for the holidays so canning up a bunch is a great idea for the motivated sort.

What’s Cooking? Recipe tips from local kitchens…

Stocked pantry!

As the harvest season continues to crescendo, we continue to cook up a storm with our ever growing supply of local produce. Addicted to delicious fresh food, we amplify our Southside CSA share with trips to farmers markets. Check out whats cooking in our kitchen…

chopping veg

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