Package Spotlight – Oh My Pie!

peaches from orchard share. aug 2010

We organize the shares offered at Southside  CSA into packages. This helps us volunteers keep things organized while meeting our farmer’s sales needs. The earlier you sign up, the more likely you are to get whatever type of package your heart desires. We have crafted a big variety of packages — Full Share Packages & Mixed Full -Half Share Packages & Half Share Packages. We tried to make that list complete BUT if you don’t see the combo that fits your needs, let us know what you would like to purchase. At this point we can pretty much put together any type of combination.

Orchard Share - Aug 11, 2010

Orchard Share – Aug 11, 2010

Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs







This year we have designed the perfect share for those of you who love to support your local farmers but don’t really spend a lot of time cooking up dinners – the OH MY PIE! share. This baker’s combo of the NY Orchard Share & Egg share is the perfect union for those who like to bust out those peach pies, plum cobblers, and egg custards. Of course, you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to rock the Oh MY PIE share. This is also a great purchase for those who like to start their days with a breakfast of local fruits and eggs. Purchase some of our Circle C Maple Syrup and you have the makings of the most perfect Sunday Brunch! Hello apple-cardomon pancakes smothered in maple syrup. Just imagine all the morning glory you can create with your share of local fruits and eggs…

Check out our upcoming events and sign up for the Southside CSA right away!

mimomex eggs, sunny!

local eggs, sunny!

My Oh My Pie!

My Oh My Pie!

NY Orchard Share

NY Orchard Share

What we got…

It has been a bang up sign up season and we are almost all sold out.

Only a few memberships left…

We have the following packages available; Details about all the shares & farm can be found by cruising Blog Contents to the right!

NORTHWIND MEAT SHARE – share price + admin fee
Full & Half shares available

EMPIRE – $641 + admin fee

  • Full GREIG – Info Page Here
  • Full ORCHARD – Info Page Here
  • New package for non-cookers out there who want to beef up their diet with some local fruit.
  • 4 available

GREIG FARM – $425 + admin fee

  • Farmer only offers full shares
  • We are matching up people who only want half shares to form full shares
  • 6 available

We will not be having anymore sign – up events. Instead we will sign you up through individual appointments.

If you want to sign up, please email southsidecsa at gmail dot com with the following info:

  • Share Package you are interested in
  • Possible Dates/Times available for sign-up appt. List 3, the sooner, the better
    • most daytimes work (9-5pm) because ryan works in neighborhood with flexible schedule
    • available evenings vary due to ever-constant meeting schedule
    • weekends work well

Be sure to read up about our volunteer and payment requirements.Ooh la la!